10 Lines Essay on Save Trees

Our nature has bestowed us with the best gift of all times; the trees. Trees help in controlling the pollution around us. They are essential as they give life to human beings and help the planet Earth to breathe. They are our primary source of oxygen and are a crucial part of the environment. As they are essential for our survival, we should do our best to save them.

10 Lines on Save Trees for Kids

  1. As trees are our most trustworthy friend, we should try to save them, and in the process, we will save more lives.
  2. For us to enjoy the benefits provided by trees for a long time, we should plant more trees.
  3. They provide us with fruits and vegetables to eat, wood for shelter.
  4. Trees also give fodder to animals and help balance the environment.
  5. Trees form forests, which are a home for the wild animals; this prolific wildlife is important for ecology.
  6. They are a source of natural shadow to the Earth’s inhabitants, a reason for which we must do our best to save it.
  7. They filter the sewage that is present in the soils.
  8. To save trees, a ban on unnecessary cutting of trees is essential.
  9. The effects of tree cutting can be seen in climate changes.
  10. Our precious trees are the lungs of Earth.

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10 Lines on Save Trees for School Students

  1. Trees help in diminishing noise pollution, air contamination, and reduce chemicals that are present in the ground.
  2. Through the process of transpiration, the trees supply excess water to the clouds and help form rain droplets.
  3. Trees in itself create an entire ecosystem; numerous insects survive on it, which in turn form bird food.
  4. Substituting paper with digital technology will help save paper.
  5. Global warming is a direct effect of unnecessary tree felling.
  6. Buying recyclable products is a fundamental step to save trees.
  7. If there are more trees on Earth, the temperatures will not shoot up drastically.
  8. Trees help save the environment by protecting the bare soil against erosion.
  9. Trees help the Earth in getting rain by taking in water from the ground and supplying that back to nature.
  10. Trees are called “Green Gold” because they are no less valuable than gold and they make the Earth a green place.

10 Lines on Save Trees for Higher Class Students

  1. Trees are a vital element of the environment as they absorb harmful carbon-di-oxide and help humans breathe by giving out oxygen.
  2. The rapid population growth is detrimental to the development of forests because the demand for habitable land reduces forest area.
  3. Awareness for saving trees can be done with the help of posters, slogans and widespread promotion in social media.
  4. Without saving trees, we cannot save the planet that we live.
  5. The process of saving trees is straightforward; we have to stop cutting them at such a drastic rate.
  6. Teenagers should learn the importance of saving trees so that they can help by planting a tree regularly on the mother Earth.
  7. Paper is made from wood pulp; so efficient paper use and paper recycling can save more trees.
  8. Forest fires are one of the significant causes of tree destruction, and urgent steps are needed to prevent it.
  9. Trees help in the survival of biotic organisms by providing food, shelter and shadow.
  10. Many trees, like Elm, Hawthorne, Cedar, Birch have medicinal properties which can bring a cure to many diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions on Save Trees

Question: What are the causes of deforestation?

Answer: Numerous causes cause deforestation. The big industries which require land, high demand for paper and timber, replacing forests with agricultural lands are all reasons behind it. With heavy population pressure, the need for habitable places is increasing. This is another factor, for which countless trees are chopped down mercilessly.

Question: How can children help in saving trees?

Answer: As children, you can do so many things which will save the trees. If you stop wasting paper, that will save trees. The books and diaries that you have, you can share among yourselves. Borrowing and sharing will require less number of new books and new papers. The most important thing that you can do is to plant a tree every week.

Question: Which trees have medicinal properties?

Answer: Common trees like Hazelnut, Apple, Maple, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Willow and many others have useful medicinal properties. Willow can cure gout, while walnut has anti-inflammatory properties. Pine is considered as a very important anti-septic, while oak can cure common fever and cold.

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