A Visit to A Zoo Essay for Class 3

A single area where you will find various animal, bird, and reptile species (mostly in individual cages) is called a Zoo. Children, as well as adults, find visits to the zoo very entertaining. A zoo is also essential for educational purposes.

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Short Essay On A Visit to A Zoo Essay of 100 Words in English

I was very young when I went to the zoo in our city for the first time. I don’t remember my first visit to the zoo very well. But I have gone there many times after that too. My parents take me to visit the zoo during the winter holidays, and we are planning to go there this year again.

I am excited about this year’s trip to the zoo because a new lion cub has been brought there. I remember some animals that I saw last time when I went to the zoo. There were tigers, elephants, giraffes, leopard, and many birds like the peacock, parrots, macaws, etc.

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Long Essay on A Visit to A Zoo Essay of 150 Words in English

My school arranged a trip to the zoo in our city last month. I went to the (name of the zoo) with my friends on the school bus. Our class teacher and principal also were there to guide us. We were told to wear sports shoes and a cap because we would have had to walk under the sun.

When we reached the zoo, we entered through a big gate and waited till our teacher bought the tickets. Soon we entered a place with cages on both sides. Some signboards let us know what animal or bird was inside the cage.

I was feeling very happy, but my friend (name of your friend) was feeling scared. We kept walking together in a group as we passed many more such cages and areas with animals. I loved the monkeys because they took the banana that we offered. The elephants and giraffes were very big, and the butterflies were beautiful. I hope to revisit the zoo soon.

10 Lines on A Visit to A Zoo in English

  1. When you visit a zoo, you can see many kinds of birds and animals.
  2. You can feed nuts and vegetables to some animals in the zoo as well like deer, camels, elephants, etc.
  3. In a zoo, I saw a kangaroo put its baby inside their pouch.
  4. I got to know that Giraffes had dark purple tongue when I visited the zoo.
  5. The lion was sleeping in its cage, and the cubs were playing with the lioness.
  6. Our science teacher described each animal in the zoo as we went past their cages.
  7. I saw many types of snakes when I went to the zoo and found them very beautiful.
  8. I wish the animals didn’t have to be caged in the zoo for us to see them.
  9. The zoo was very crowded on Christmas and the line almost extended for two blocks.
  10. When I visited the zoo, I remember the gorilla was very big, and the monkeys were playful.

Frequently Asked Questions on A Visit to A Zoo Essay for Class 3

Question: What does the word zoo stand for in English?

Answer: Zoo is short for the Zoological Garden.

Question: What is the purpose of a zoo?

Answer: Zoo or Zoological Gardens are a facility that houses many species of animals which are crucial for zoological study, saving animals from going extinct, and for public display.

Question: Who monitors the zoo?

Answer: The zoological gardens are taken care of by the government.

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