Aeroplane Rhymes


We have provided below some unique, meaningful and interesting aeroplane rhymes for the nursery, LKG and UKG class kids and children. Interesting rhymes on the aeroplane motivate your kids to easily learn rhymes and pay attention towards study.

Tips for Moms:

You can make the aeroplane rhymes learning more interesting to your kids by using the appropriate action, smile, facial expression, body movements, and toy aeroplane.

You can also make clapping according to the rhymes lyrics. Select the most appropriate rhyme according to your need and then decide the simple way to present that rhymes in front of your kids.

Aeroplane fly so high

Aeroplane fly so high in the sky,

Seeing this scene I say always bye, bye

When it goes away from my eyes,

I make a loud cry,

But mamma says,

She will buy, she will buy.


A for Aeroplane

A for ant, A for Aeroplane,

Ant runs by feet,

Aeroplane runs by wheel,

Ant can climb so high,

But aeroplane can fly in the sky.


A for astronaut, A for Aeroplane

A for astronaut, A for aeroplane,

Astronaut is a human being,

But aeroplane is a machine,

Astronaut carry information,

And aeroplane carry human being.


A for Aeroplane, B for butterfly

A for Aeroplane, B for butterfly,

Aeroplane fly in the sky,

Butterfly fly around the flowers,

Aeroplane carry tons of load,

But butterfly carry number of pollen.


A for apple, A for Aeroplane

A for apple, A for Aeroplane,

Apple keeps me healthy,

But aeroplane gives me happy,

I like eating apples daily,

And through aeroplane seeing nice valley.


Aeroplane fly high

Aeroplane fly so high,

Aeroplane fly so high,

It meets all the clouds in the sky,

And touches nice rainbow in the sky,

It talks all birds flying in the sky,

But never carries me and my guy.


I am Aeroplane

I am aeroplane, I am aeroplane,

I have big body, fans and wheels,

Going to long ways are my big deals,

Due to some reasons trip may canceal,

However, almost I become at my right time.


I am Aeroplane

I am aeroplane, I am aeroplane,

I can fly so high, so high in the sky,

I start my journey from the land,

And again come to land at the end.


I am Aeroplane

I am aeroplane, I am aeroplane,

But sometimes people call me aircraft,

However I am different from spacecraft,

I carry people and spacecraft austronaut.


I am big Aeroplane

I am big aeroplane on the ground,

No one can make me really bound,

Soon you can see me in the sky,

As I do fly very up and high.


See there is Aeroplane

See there is Aeroplane in the dark sky,

It always stay, start and end at airport,

It is forever dedicated to transport,

It has many small windows,

Where I sit and eat bingos.


I am a big airplane

I am a big airplane,

I land on the plain,

I am almost like birds,

As I too have wings,

And fly so high.


I am a big airplane

I am a big airplane,

I fly in the air,

I stay on land plain,

I always use my brain,

And stay after getting drain.


Airplane Airplane

Airplane, airplane as a fly,

Airplane, airplane in the sky,

Airplane, airplane you are so high,

But I always think why you never say bye.

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