Morning Walk Essay for Class 4


Exercise encourages us to stay in shape, both as a main priority and body. Walking is the best type of activity and suits individuals. Early morning is viewed as a decent and ideal opportunity for a walk.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Morning Walk’ for reference.

Short Essay on Morning Walk of 100 Words

Our morning walk takes somewhat more than an hour consistently. We get back home by 6.15 am or somewhere in the vicinity. We feel revived, cheerful, and decidedly ready to begin our day. A morning walk wonderfully affects the brain and body, which remains for the remainder of the day.

A morning walk is a helpful exercise. It is light exercise. It invigorates our body and psyche. In the morning, Nature is at its best. A morning walk gets us in contact with the beautiful environmental factors of Nature.

It gives us incredible euphoria and keeps us fit and stable. The green grass, the blooming blossoms, twittering feathered creatures, the outside air, the rising sun, and morning dew – all give us incredible euphoria, and they fill our hearts with satisfaction.

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Long Essay on Morning Walk of 150 Words

A morning walk is a decent exercise for all. Numerous individuals who rise promptly in the morning take a walk. Morning walk is the best exercise. It is beneficial for our wellbeing. It improves our wellbeing.

It is useful for our wellbeing. It is as valuable for the body as food. The outside air is beneficial for our lungs. We appreciate the excellent view of Nature. The calm wind revives us. We hear the peeping of the flying creatures.

We see the ranchers furrowing the fields. I am partial to the morning walk. I rise promptly in the morning. I go to Nehru Park each day. The rising sun at that point starts to sparkle in the east. It glances extremely lovely in the recreation center.

Everything looks new and blossoming. A few people are believed to take work out. The dewdrops on the grass look flawless. We walk barefooted on the green grass. Following 60 minutes, we get back from the nursery.

10 Lines on Morning Walk-In English

  1. Morning walks should be shaped as a propensity.
  2. Morning walk is best for actual wellness, and it is the lightest exercise.
  3. The morning walk is stable for the lungs.
  4. Early morning walk is significant because it additionally helps in keeping the skin sound.
  5. There is a gigantic park before my home where, alongside my folks, I go on a morning walk.
  6. While we run, we meet vast numbers of our neighbors and welcome them.
  7. While running, I like the smell of natural air and blossoms around. It causes me to feel alive and new.
  8. It feels excellent during winters to respect the magnificence of nature-dew drops of water on leaves, and splendid sun.
  9. We complete the rounds of the recreation center and lay on the grass shoeless.
  10. A standard morning walk is essential to the primary sound psyche and body.

Frequently Asked Questions on Morning Walk Essay

How morning walks help? 

It causes us to decrease weariness from the body and get a decent shape. Individuals would prefer not to have additional fat in their body, and it’s anything but something to be thankful for, as indicated by clinical science. A morning walk can decrease weakness and give us a useful life.

How does it assist the individuals with the diabetic and coronary episode? 

Diabetics and heart infections are incredibly typical among everybody now. It has a severe danger. Yet, a walk can diminish the conceivable outcomes of heart issues and control your diabetics, and that is why all the specialists recommend the patients walk a ton in the morning.

For what reason is the morning Walk significant? 

It makes our brain lively and roused. The tranquil climate of the morning makes us so much confidence. We get bunches of energy to work the whole day with heaps of excitement.

Health is Wealth Essay for Class 4


Health is wealth is a world-popular adage concerning health. A healthy body is characterized as the general capacity of the body to work well. It incorporates the physical, mental, enthusiastic, and social health, all things considered. At the point when one keeps up great health, he/she opens the way to joy.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Health is Wealth’ for reference.

Short Essay on Health is Wealth of 100 Words

The following health segment is psychological well-being or mental prosperity. Emotional wellness alludes to a condition of passionate and mental prosperity of the person. An individual’s psychological prosperity impacts their feelings and conduct in taking care of circumstances.

The best-prescribed approach to keep up psychological well-being is by remaining positive and pondering. Along these lines, psychological and social health add equivalent significance to an individual’s general prosperity state. An individual keeps up their social prosperity through powerful correspondence with others.

An individual who goes to get-togethers and has an inviting nature is expressed to be socially healthy. Likewise, one’s psychological health alludes to the ordinary presentation of mental cycles prompting a compelling condition of health.

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Long Essay on Honesty of 150 Words

The adage ‘Health is wealth’ implies that one’s health is the best wealth. The meaning of health is a condition of an individual’s physical, mental, passionate, and social prosperity.

A healthy body dwells in God. Each individual must keep up great health. It causes them to feel great and good. To keep up a healthy brain and body, one must eat perfect and healthy food, offset your eating regimen with the correct advancement of basic minerals, exercise consistently, burn-through heaps of products of the soil, drink bunches of water, rest early and sufficiently for 8 hours.

Legitimate 8 hours help animates sufficient development. A healthy body remains positive and healthy by killing all pessimism. A healthy eating regimen and way of life keep one sure, fit, and glad. Routinely brushing your teeth two times per day and washing hands before suppers will keep you healthy.

A healthy and dynamic psyche critical to adjust our regular objectives. It is exceptionally applicable to adjust one’s work and life consistently. In this day and age, the avarice for extravagance and wealth creation has caused health-related perils.

10 Lines on My Best Friend in English

  1. The popular adage ‘Health is Wealth’ signifies health is the main wealth, not cash
  2. The genuine wealth is healthy propensities, for example, a reasonable eating regimen, exercise, normal rest that one instils over a time of
  3. The World Health Organization recognizes the yearly festival of World Health Day on April 7, to make mindfulness among individuals about health and tidiness
  4. Eating pointless lousy nourishment is hurtful to one’s health.
  5. The main component to lead and practice for a healthy life is to eat healthy and stay strong
  6. Remaining healthy is in effect truly fit, yet additionally incorporates enthusiastic, social, mental prosperity
  7. Undesirable pressure can prompt inconvenient to
  8. Exercises, for example, playing an instrument, games, or perusing give the cerebrum vital exercise to improve health
  9. Healthy propensities like brushing teeth two times per day and washing hands before suppers will keep you healthy.
  10. Keeping up healthy propensities gets energy life and prompts life span alongside progress.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health is Wealth Essay

For what reason is ‘Health is Wealth’ significant?

The maxim ‘Health is Wealth’ signifies acceptable health is the genuine fortune. A healthy life empowers one to stay positive and face all life challenges. Great health advances mental, enthusiastic, social, and actual prosperity.

Who cited that Health is Wealth?

Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed that Health is Wealth.

When is World Health Day celebrated, and why?

The World Health Organization honors the yearly festival of World Health Day on April 7, to make mindfulness among individuals about health and tidiness.

Essay on Tiger for Class 4


A tiger is a wild creature that resembles a significant feline. Tiger is the most splendid tissue eating creature in its feline family. It has a solid body, and it is similarly ground-breaking like a Lion. It is found in various Asia, primarily India, Bhutan, China, Siberia, Malaysia, and so forth. It is the public creature of India, just as Bangladesh.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Tiger’ for reference.

Short Essay on Tiger of 100 Words

Tiger is a wild creature that lives in woodlands. It is a rapacious well-evolved creature that goes afterlife forms like deer. They are snappily paced and are exceptionally quick.

The tiger group is in red or orange with light-dark stripes on a superficial level. They have a length of 6 to 10 feet and weigh almost 660 pounds when they arrive at development. Tigers have a savage thunder; however, they don’t meddle with people except if they hit or cause them to hurt.

These creatures can be delightful while working on the web. They are considered the national animal of the great nation India.

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Long Essay on Tiger of 150 Words

Tigers are creatures that live in nature. They are eager creatures that go after more modest life forms. Their food comprises typically of deer and pigs. These creatures grow up quickly and achieve development at around 3 or 4 years.

They can live for as long as 20 years in nature. Guys of the species are heavier than their female partners as they have distinctive body capacities. The youthful ones of tigers are known as fledglings and require unique consideration at the hour of their introduction to the world.

This is the motivation behind why a large portion of the whelps don’t get by in nature. They have jeopardized species, and their number has been declining for as long as a decade. Endeavors are being made to monitor these warm-blooded animals, and it has seen some improvement in nations like Nepal, India, Russia, and China.

These creatures are brutal yet delicate, so they should stay in the wild with no human impedance.

10 Lines on Tiger in English

  1. Tiger is the most extraordinary wild creature in the feline family; it is one of the wilderness’s most grounded animals.
  2. Tiger is a “Rapacious” creature, which implies it is a substance eating creature; it chases different animals for food.
  3. Tiger has a long and solid body. It has four legs, solid paws with sharp nails, and one tail.
  4. It is generally found in orange tone with dark stripes on it, yet white tigers have a dark line on white skin.
  5. Generally, their eyes are like feline’s eye; however, the white tiger has blue eyes.
  6. Tigers produce the sound of “Thundering” which can be gotten with 3 km away.
  7. Tigers satisfy 26 years when they live in the wilderness; however, they live just 16-18 years in the zoo.
  8. A tiger can eat around 25 to 27 kg of substance in one day.
  9. Female tigers are called “Tigress,” and it brings forth its posterity called “Whelp”.
  10. On a normal tigress brings forth 3-4 offspring at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tiger Essay

Is the tiger very nearly being wiped out? 

Till now, the tiger exists in many nations of the world, and their numbers have been going up altogether.

Where in West Bengal would tigers be able to be found precisely? 

Tigers are found in the northern pieces of West Bengal.

For what reason does a tiger transform into a man-eater? 

A tiger transforms into a man-eater on the off chance that it doesn’t get food in the backwoods or on the off chance that it gets old and doesn’t have the teeth needed to stir the food.

Essay on Rose Flower for Class 4


Flowers are the most mesmerizing gifts offered to the world by God. They are present in different colors, shapes, sizes, and so on. Out of all, the flowers rose is my favorite. Rose is widely known as the flower of love. Besides, it is also present everywhere across the world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Rose Flower’ for reference.

Short Essay on Rose Flower of 100 Words

Rose is one of the most well-known flowers in the world for its beauty. It is widely referred to as the symbol of both compassion and love. However, the symbol of the rose differs based on its color.

For instance, the symbol of love is the red rose, whereas the yellow rose is well-known for friendships. Also, a white rose is referred to as the symbol of purity, and a pink rose stands for joy.

It is popular throughout the entire world, and many people use it for creating garlands. Roses are also commonly used by the people as gifts for the people they love, admire, and respect.

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Long Essay on Rose Flower of 150 Words

Rose is a flower that is widely used everywhere for multiple purposes. Roses can be used as gifts and for creating garland or perfumes since rose oil is used to produce various rose perfumes.

Many other beauty items are produced using roses. It includes items like water rose fresher, rose perfume, and many more. Also, the other famous products like rose sharbat and rose floods are created using rose.

Besides, the roses hold higher importance in the lives of the people throughout the globe. Since the majority of the people celebrate 7th February as the rose day each year. Roses are referred to as flowing shrubs. Originally the word rose was formed from Rosa.

The rosebush has large numbers of thorns, which helps keep the flower safe from animals. The bushes are present in different sizes, including both small and big ones.

10 Lines on Rose Flower in English

  1. Rose is known to be quite fragrant and beautiful.
  2. There are many different colors of roses available, like red, white, yellow, and green.
  3. There is a total of 100 and more roses present in the world which a variety of colors and sizes.
  4. 7th February is considered as the rose day throughout the world.
  5. Roses can be useful for many types of occasions, including pooja, decoration, and so on.
  6. The word rose is formed from the Latin word Rosa.
  7. Rose is included in the family of plants referred to as Rosaceae.
  8. In the world, the rose is widely referred to as the symbol of balance.
  9. There are numerous medicinal features of roses. For example, rosewater easily cures eye pain.
  10. Rose petals are used to produce Gulakanda.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rose Flower Essay

Question. How many times should a person water the roses?

Answer. Any roses like floribundas, hybrid teas, and grandifloras need a huge quantity of water during summer or dry climates.

Question. Why is the deadheading method used on the roses?

Answer. The elimination of faded flowers is normally performed to improve the growth of new flowers.

Question. What are the black spots present on the roses?

Answer. Many fungal diseases can occur in a rose plant, one of which is a black spot. It is quite common across many varieties of rose plants. One of the most common signs of this plant disease is leaving behind circular black spots on leaves.

Essay on Pollution for Class 4


Every time any harmful substance is included in the atmosphere it is referred to as pollution. It can turn the entire environment bad or sometimes damaging. There is a total of five variety of pollution such as noise, air, water, thermal, and soil pollution. Besides, with the growing rate of pollution, the methods to prevent it have also increased.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Pollution’ for reference.

Short Essay on Pollution of 100 Words

The quality of life is extremely affected by pollution. Pollution is known to work in a way which is difficult to understand through naked eyes alone. However, pollution is present everywhere in the atmosphere.

For example, it is impossible for one to see any type of natural gasses through naked eyes in the atmosphere. In the same way, the pollutants that are drastically increasing and ruining the quality of air and environment are damaging for every living being.

Besides, these pollutants can also result in the drastic growth of the carbon dioxide which then increases global warming. Moreover, each day the quantity of pollutants present in the water is rising due to the wastes from industrial sectors.

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Long Essay on Pollution of 150 Words

Pollutants can tend to be critically harmful for all living being. Therefore, one must know the methods to avoid or reduce the spread of pollution. In order to decrease the pollution level, public transport can be utilised by the people to eliminate the smoke that originates from vehicles.

Moreover, people can also prevent using firecrackers in any celebration or festivals. As it will be helpful for eliminating both noise and air pollution. In addition, frequent recycling can also be helpful for entire environment.

People should also plant a greater number of trees since it will be useful for absorbing the gases that are harmful for the environment. The government can also take a step by reducing the amount of fertilizers that is being used.

So, each type of pollutants is damaging and hazardous and often lead to deadly consequences. Therefore, it is essential for every individual to attempt at adopting the methods to prevent the increase of pollution further.

10 Lines on Pollution in English

  1. Pollution is classified as the harm done to environment as well as life.
  2. Pollution is caused by humans and is thus, man-made activity.
  3. Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil Pollution, Water Pollution are some of the types of pollutions.
  4. The harmful gases emitted by vehicles as well as factories accounts for air pollution.
  5. Sewage system and industrial waste from factories such as chemical factories are major accelerants for water pollution.
  6. The sound coming from various means of transport is one of the main causes of noise pollution.
  7. Respiratory infection, allergy, skin problems can be caused due to air pollution.
  8. Keeping your surrounding green and proper disposal of waste helps to keep pollution at bay.
  9. Plastic pollution is the major cause of degrading ocean health.
  10. The waste that comes from nuclear based plant is termed as radio-active pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pollution Essay

Question. In what ways is the air polluted by the automobiles?

Answer. There are combustion engines present inside engines which makes use of both petrol and diesel. Diesel and petrol combustion can easily cause emission which leads to the formation of many types of polluting gasses.

Question. What can you understand by ozone layer?

Answer. The protective layer that is present in our atmosphere is known as ozone layer. This layer is severely affected by the increasing amount of pollutants in the environment.

Question. What is the proper definition of acid rain?

Answer. Acid rain is typically created with the combination of sulphur and nitrogen oxides with rainwater.

Essay on Mango for Class 4


Mango is the most loved product of nearly everybody on earth. It is loaded with nutrients and minerals and is of incredible taste. It is likewise the public product of India. It has picked up widespread fame beginning from antiquated occasions.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Mango’ for reference.

Short Essay on Mango of 100 Words

India represents 42% of the mango creation worldwide, and consequently, the fare of this natural product has brilliant possibilities. There is a thriving exchange of packaged mango juices, canned mango cuts, and other mango items.

The natural product is nearly traded to 20 nations, and its items are shipped off to more than 40 countries. Be that as it may, the turn out of the Mango sends out differs consistently. It is plentiful in nutrients An and C. other than its taste and magnificent appearance, and ready mangoes fill in as purgative, stimulating, diuretic, and latch.

The integrity of mangoes comes in various assortments, such as Dusehari, Alphanso, Langra, Fajli, etc. Individuals appreciate various indulgences that are produced using these mangoes loaded up with nutrients and are tasty.

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Long Essay on Mango of 150 Words

Mango being the public product of India, is one of the most loved products of the Indians. It fills best in warmth and heat and humidity. The strip shade of mango shifts. A portion of the shadings is green, yellowish-green, yellowish-red, red.

Mango is accurately named the “King; all things considered” as individuals appreciate eating it everywhere in the world. Ready mangoes are delicate and thick, and they taste sweet. They are delicious and refreshing.

Then again, the unripe mangoes are hard and have an acrid taste. It is commonly utilized for making pickles in India. Mangoes have medical advantages, and they are appropriate for our wellbeing as they are a rich wellspring of nutrients and minerals. It likewise contains strands, which makes stable discharge smooth.

The organic product is filled in India’s various conditions, out of which, Uttar Pradesh is the biggest maker of mangoes. The principle assortment of mangoes developed in the nation are Amrapali, GulabKhas, Langra, Alphanso, and so forth

10 Lines On Mango In English

  1. Mango is a tropical and sub-tropical organic product.
  2. It is the public product of India, the Philippines, and Pakistan.
  3. Unripe mangoes are acrid and are green in shading.
  4. Ready mangoes are sweet and, for the most part, are yellow.
  5. Unripe mangoes are utilized to put some on the map pickles and powders in India.
  6. Mango is an occasional product of the late spring season.
  7. Individuals having a place with all age bunches love eating mangoes.
  8. It is a natural product pressed with nutrients and minerals.
  9. India is the biggest maker and exporter of mangoes.
  10. We should be thankful to nature for gifting us with quite a significant organic product.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mango Essay

Is there any claim to fame for this natural product? 

Mango is plentiful in fiber, minerals, nutrients, pre-phenolic cell reinforcements, and so on Mango has been discovered compelling against various types of disease even.

Is it beneficial to devour mangoes consistently? 

Mango is a lovely natural product, and from now on, it isn’t prudent to burn-through it every day. Mangoes can be eaten whenever of the day as a treat. Individuals who have sleep deprivation can have mangoes around evening time for an evening of better night rest.

For what reason can I not eat Mango in a void stomach? 

Because of its high sugar content, mangoes are not prescribed to be eaten void of the stomach.

Essay on Land Pollution for Class 4


Land pollution is a calamitous issue that our general public has been confronting since the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. There are a lot of reasons why individuals have contaminated land. In this specific land pollution essay, we will discuss in detail why land pollution is expanding and the solutions for it.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Land Pollution’ for reference.

Short Essay on Land Pollution of 100 Words

29% of the world’s surface comprises land on which plants, creatures, and people live. Land pollution alludes to the debasement of land, soil, and its supplements because of different human exercises, such as deforestation, urbanization, farming exercises, etc.

The land comprises timberlands, mountains, streams, and lakes, urban areas, towns, and different settlements. The land supports life on earth. It is a direct result of the land to deliver food that supports our developing populace blast.

When we allude to land pollution, we mean the corruption of land and its central properties. These incorporate expulsions of its supplements, desertification, and at last creation it an infertile land, which implies that a specific real estate parcel can’t uphold life on earth.

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Long Essay on Land Pollution of 150 Words

Over 29% of the world’s surface comprises land, and this land upholds life on earth. It gives food to creatures and individuals the same give haven to animals, trees, plants just as people. Yet, these assets that nature gives us has been over-abused by people.

From deforestation to urbanization to industrialization to farming and a dangerous atmospheric deviation, land pollution has seen a consistently expanding bend over the most recent 50 years.

The level of desolate land on the planet is increasing dramatically, causing genuine worry for researchers worldwide about the bleak future for humankind. Without prolific land, we can’t create food. On the one hand, there would be food deficiencies while then again, the populace is multiplying each year in numerous nations.

With the increment in masses, it has been hard to control the development of urban areas. Metropolitan urban communities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, or New Delhi have been expanding and swallowing up their neighboring towns because of the absence of room inside the urban communities.

The purposes behind this quick urbanization are many, some of which are the relocation of individuals from the country to the metropolitan territory looking for a superior business, increment in market size for enterprises to open up, progress in purchaser interest, and mechanical headways.

10 Lines on Land Pollution in English

  1. Earth’s surface is comprised of 29% of the land
  2. Deforestation, urbanization, and farming are the fundamental explanations behind land pollution
  3. Land pollution influences people, plant just as creatures
  4. Hurtful agrarian practices like yield consumption reason land pollution
  5. Expansion in an Earth-wide temperature boost has prompted beetle multitudes that harm harvests and ranches
  6. Processing plants discharge destructive dry effluents on land, making it dirty
  7. The damaging of land will prompt the detrimental of the natural way of life
  8. Open unloading of trash has caused land pollution in urban communities
  9. Utilization of non-biodegradable things will lessen land pollution
  10. Legitimate laws and guidelines should be defined to forestall land pollution

Frequently Asked Questions on Land Pollution

Name some dirt or land toxins? 

Some dirt or land contaminations are synthetic compounds, pesticides and manures, mining movement, plastic waste, deforestation, developing urbanization, and mechanical waste.

How might we control land pollution? 

We can control land pollution by different techniques. These techniques incorporate dodging plastic sacks, detachment of family squander, halting the utilization of manures and pesticides on farming produce, and some more.

What is the impact of land pollution? 

Land pollution causes harming of our evolved way of life, prompting medical issues for person and creatures.

Essay on Honesty for Class 4


The significance of Honesty has been ingrained in us since the absolute starting point. Even though extremely sermonizing in its tone, it undoubtedly is a wise idea. We were educated about it in the shut limits of our Moral Science classes in school; as we grew up, handy life showed us a thing or two on the significance of being straightforward.

The nature of being honest is a fundamental human quality. Not every person dares to hold on and talk reality consistently. Individuals should earn this quality in themselves.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Honesty’ for reference.

Short Essay On Honesty Of 100 Words

The centrality of this one world-renowned expression has been forced upon us from directly toward the start. A while ago, when we were kids, our folks and instructors’ entirety showed us how to be completely forthright and honest under all conditions.

In those days, we may have seen their preachings as too wise even to consider taking into account; however, the need and the outcomes of being straightforward have been acknowledged after some time.

In essential words, Honesty suggests being honest to other people; most importantly, it implies being consistent with ourselves first. Honesty doesn’t just mean talking about what is correct; it means maintaining reality.

Being a fair and insightful individual method remaining by the truth, articulating it, grasping it, and continually supporting it.

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Long Essay on Honesty of 150 Words

Honesty is one such human quality that should be drilled and followed by everybody. The gun of Honesty introduces other necessary guns of trust and regard. With Honesty comes astuteness and intensity.

Reality may not generally be beguiling to hear or know; in any case, a genuine individual should consistently maintain it. Honesty requires intensity. The intensity of truth is extraordinary; it will, in general, disable an individual.

Consequently, the demonstration of being straightforward is a fearless one. Being deceptive and demonstrating more than once lying may appear to be a simple way out of circumstances; it isn’t substantial.

Reality consistently wins generally. Reality praises the privilege and denounces the low. Being straightforward means that being an adult of holding on to what is correct.

10 Lines On My Best Friend In English

  1. Part of Honesty is fundamental in our lives.
  2. Honesty infers being honest to other people and oneself.
  3. Before we are honest with other people, we should be straightforward with ourselves.
  4. On the off chance that we deny reality ourselves, it isn’t sure to offer Honesty to the world.
  5. Dishonesty, untruths, and distortion of facts are just passing and fleeting.
  6. Over the long haul, reality uncovers itself and decimates the bogus.
  7. Honesty makes one’s life straightforward and liberated from all intricacies.
  8. The significance and the need to be completely forthright should be instructed to individuals from the earliest starting point.
  9. Honesty imparts a feeling of regard and fearlessness.
  10. Honesty ought to reflect in our words as well as in our activities.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Friend Essay

Why is being straightforward significant? 

Being straightforward is significant because being deceptive individuals aids no one in any capacity. Reality consistently discovers away, and it stifles the falsehoods. Being bogus and exploitative has no brilliant possibilities.

How might one be straightforward? 

Honesty suggests being honest. By talking about reality and making the wisest decision, one can get legit. Being straightforward is fundamental. There are no two approaches to existence without being honest.

In straightforward terms, what is implied by Honesty? 

Honesty implies being honest and trustworthy.

Essay on Christmas for Class 4


Each year, on the day of 25th December, Christmas is celebrated to honour the birth of Jesus Christ. Although this festival is mainly for Christians, it is being celebrated throughout the world by the majority of the people belonging to different religions as well. This day is celebrated with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and gifts.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Christmas’ for reference.

Short Essay on Christmas of 100 Words

Christmas is widely famous throughout the entire world as a holiday of Christians fixed on December each year. However, its decorations like the Christmas tree and Santa Claus are known popularly almost everywhere.

Besides, Christmas is also referred to as the “feast day of Christ.” This is considered as both religious and cultural occasion amongst individuals in the world. Christmas is an ancient festival which started in Rome back in the 336 A.D.

However, Christmas was dominated by an epiphany in the early years of middle age. Although, it gained popularity back in the 800 A.D during the reign of the emperor Charlemagne. Since the crown was received by him on Christmas day.

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Long Essay on Christmas of 150 Words

Christmas is an occasion that is typically celebrated with a variety of decorative items and requires lots of preparations. It is known as a public holiday, and so everyone gets the opportunity to celebrate it during the break.

For the majority of the people, the Christmas preparations begin early so that the celebrations can begin easily on Christmas eve. There are endless activities included in a Christmas day celebration.

Moreover, there are food, gifts, decorations, and so on purchased by the people on this day, mostly for their closed ones. Besides, there are friends and families that chose to purchase matching clothes for each other to celebrate the day together.

The most common decoration during the Christmas celebration includes lighting, Christmas tree, stars, candles, and so on. Although before the preparation is started, first, the house is cleaned properly. Besides, the spirit of Christmas is brought to the house by the Christmas tree.

10 Lines on Christmas

  1. 25th December is the day when Christmas is celebrated each year across the world.
  2. This festival is primarily celebrated by Christians with lots of joy and laughter.
  3. This day is celebrated as a remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birthday.
  4. Christmas is widely referred to as Big Day.
  5. The most popular food or sweet across the houses of the people on Christmas eve is cake.
  6. The kids on this day believe that Santa Claus comes with lots of candies and gifts.
  7. Candles are also lighted in the church by the people to celebrate the day of Christmas.
  8. On this occasion, many people choose to celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree at their houses and church with the use of different types of items.
  9. On Christmas eve, many people tend to visit the houses of their close ones to celebrate together with sweets and gifts.
  10. This festival is celebrated by almost everyone in the world, including both Christians and non-Christians.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Essay

Question: What is the name of the place where Jesus was born?

Answer: Jesus’s place of birth is known as Bethlehem.

Question: What goes on top of a Christmas tree normally?

Answer: Normally, the top of the Christmas tree is decorated with stars or angels.

Question: The very first Christmas wireless message was heard by how many people?

Answer: The first Christmas wireless message was heard by more than 20 million people. Therefore, an annual broadcast for Christmas was held by George V for the entirety of his reign.

Essay on Badminton for Class 4


An indoor game which is widely famous across the world is known as Badminton. This game requires a shuttlecock and a racquet for one to play with. Besides, the shuttles that are used are typically created from synthetic materials. The game originally began back in the year 1873. Also, there are countless badminton tournaments organized every year across the world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Badminton’ for reference.

Short Essay on Badminton of 100 Words

Badminton is a game that is commonly played across the world in numerous countries. As mentioned above, to play this game, one requires a racquet and shuttlecock. It is a game which can be played easily between teams or two players.

The rubber grip is used to create the racquet’s rod. It allows the plays to hold it without any problem during the entire game. There is a small ball that is included in the shuttlecock around which the feathers are present.

The net is used to separate the badminton court into two parts, and the players must make use of shoes that are lightweight to be able to move around faster.

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Long Essay on Badminton of 150 Words

Badminton is a game which is enjoyed by the majority of the people across the entire globe. The main goal of this sport is to not miss the shuttlecock and hit it faster using the racquet. One must ensure that the shuttlecock touches the ground of the opponent team’s court.

Besides, the opponents also work hard to prevent the shuttlecock from touching their part of the court ground with their rackets. One can get countless benefits by playing Badminton.

One of the most crucial benefits one can receive by playing Badminton is that it helps one to work out physically. It also keeps individuals healthy. Moreover, it enhances the muscle strength of the people that regularly play it.

Playing Badminton can help individuals to improve their flexibility and athleticism present in them. It also helps to eliminate and decrease the level of depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is highly advantageous, mostly for people with diabetes and obesity.

10 Lines on Badminton in English

  1. Badminton is classified as an indoor game that can be played outdoor as well.
  2. Badminton is played with a single-player as well as a double player on each side.
  3. The main equipment for Badminton includes shuttlecock and racquet.
  4. It was originated in British India and later became famous in Asia.
  5. Mix doubles is a form of Badminton which includes a pair of male-female on each side.
  6. The field of Badminton is rectangular in shape.
  7. The shuttle is made from feathers.
  8. This sport is managed by the WBA – World Badminton Association.
  9. It is one of the easiest games to play due to fewer rules.
  10. The game of Badminton has minimal chance of injury, and thus, anyone can play it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Badminton Essay

Question. Where did Badminton originate from?

Answer. Badminton has its origins from the civilization of the 16th century in England. It started around a similar time in other countries of Europe as well as Asia. In ancient times, it was more commonly known as ‘Battledore and Shuttlecock.’ Modern Badminton originated from India in the 18th century. It has been a popular sport for the officers of the British Army since 1870.

Question. How is Badminton played?

Answer. Badminton is played by at least two individuals on a rectangular court. A net is placed at the center, and thus, the court is divided into equal parts. The players use a racket to hit the shuttle over the net and obtain points to win.

Question. In which year was Badminton added to the Olympics?

Answer. Badminton is added as the Olympic sport in the year 1992. The five competitions that are held for Badminton are: Men’s singles and doubles, Women’s singles and doubles, and mixed singles and doubles (pair of male and female each side).