Birthday Rhymes


Here we have provided variety of interesting rhymes on birthday (of parents, kids, friends, grandparents, etc) for the kids studying in the nursery, LKG, or UKG classes. Now-a-days, variety of interesting educational strategies are getting promoted to make kids really knowledgeable. Rhymes are one of the best strategies to promote kids towards study.

Tips for Moms:

You can make birthday rhymes learning easy and simple using proper action, smile and clapping according to the rhymes lyrics.

You can also use birthday cap, new dresses, candles, cakes, etc to make birthday rhymes learning more interesting and entertaining.

My birthday

Birthday birthday mine birthday,

I wait for this every day,

However, it really come today,

And become my happiest day.


Birthday birthday happy birthday,

It is my birthday today,

But I want it every day,

Because it is a nice get together day,


Today is my birthday,

Mamma says it is very special,

As it goes really social,

Mamma makes ladoos,

But papa brings cartoons.


Birthday brings great chance

Birthday brings great chance,

Of get together, sing and dance,

I have for you a special gift,

But why you celebrate in day shift.


Birthday of bunny

We all friends are so funny,

But never forget birthday of bunny,

Today is very hot sunny,

How we celebrate birthday of bunny.

Birthday with friends

My birthday becomes wonderful,

When my friends become happiful,

I am so youthful,

And very grateful.


Birthday at holiday

Everyone celebrates holiday,

At my special birthday,

It becomes the day of joys,

When they brings lots of toys.


Birthday on school day

It is my birthday today,

But very sad to say,

That it is my school day,

I want to make it a holiday,

But whom I say,

That it is a special day.


Birthday is coming

My special day is very near,

Which is get together of all dear,

Mamu, nanu, dadu everyone is here,

With lots of special love bear.

Friends and birthday

Happy birthday comes and goes,

But true friends once comes never goes,

They are like rainbows,

And go together in flows.


Celebrate birthday

We celebrate birthdays in nights,

And enjoy decorations of lights,

Where everything looks bright,

And celebrate birthday with full rights.


Papa birthday

Happy birthday my dear papa,

I have balloons for you,

Nina has cartoons for you,

But mamma has ladoos for you.


Grandpa birthday

Today is my dadu’s birthday,

He is now very old,

But papa says he is gold,

Because he is still bold.

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