Myself Essay for Class 6


Myself essay defines characters of one’s own. Myself essay revolves around one’s self who is writing the essay. An essay written on me can be as random as it can. An essay on myself includes one’s habits, nature, hobbies, likes and dislikes, characters, physical attributes, emotional conclusions, etc.

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘Myself’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on Myself of 100 Words

My name is Jenny/John. I am 11 years old. I attend school at Garden High. I am a sixth-grade student. I love attending school as learning new things is my passion. My teachers help me with my education, and I enjoy learning. I live with my parents and two brothers.

My hobbies include painting, playing the guitar, playing video games, and reading the dictionary. I am very fond of learning new and complicated words. As a painter, I love watching people pass by my window. I own a pet dog who is very friendly and loves when I play the guitar for her.

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Long Essay on Myself of 150 Words

My name is Jenny/John. I am 11 years old. I attend school at Garden High. I am a sixth-grade student. I live with my parents and two young brothers. I own a pet dog who is friendly enough. My favourite place at home is the backyard. I spent a maximum of my time lying down with a book in the park.

My hobbies include painting, humming with the strings of the guitar, playing video games, learning about new words. I am very fond of cosmology and spent my time reading books on space and galaxies. My bookshelf is a mini galaxy. Someday I wish to float in space where no force acts upon me.

As a responsible citizen, I always keep a note of the current affairs happening in my country. I read the newspaper every day. I think a human being should be responsible enough to educate themselves of the wonders and utility holes of the world.

10 Lines On Myself In English

  1. My name is Jenny/John.
  2. I am a sixth-grade student at Garden High.
  3. I am eleven years old and love to live with my parents.
  4. I have two young brothers who are cute but sometimes very naughty.
  5. I have a pet dog who loves when I play the guitar.
  6. My hobbies include painting, playing the guitar, playing video games and learning new words.
  7. I am passionate about learning new things; thus, I spent time reading more often.
  8. I aspire to be an astronaut and someday look at the earth from a different planet.
  9. I am well versed with the current affairs.
  10. I believe in myself and my thoughts, but I am always learning and evolving.

Frequently Asked Questions on Myself Essay

Question: How should an essay on Myself begin?

Answer: An essay on myself must begin with an identical introduction like name, age, class, occupation, etc.The essay must contain a vivid description of one’s attributes and nature.

Question: Is an essay on myself formal?

Answer: An essay on myself is formal as well as informal. One can write the essay in a precise formal tone or a sophisticated informal tone. The category differs as per the purpose of the essay.

Question: What are the things to keep in mind while writing an essay on myself?

Answer: While writing an essay on myself, one must avoid narcissistic tone. Making the essay more informative allows the readers to establish a picture of the writer. The essay must be vivid and humble. Remember to start with identical introduction. Include one’s hobbies and dislikes. Conclude with a personal thought that one believes in.

My Family Essay for Class 6


Family is who we are. The first teachers a child gets is their family. A kid learns and follows whatever their family teaches them. There are joint families and nuclear families. In nuclear families, the kid lives with only the mother and father. In joint families, grandparents, uncles, and aunts also live with the kid. I live in a family that is nuclear.

We are providing two sample essays for students of class 6 on the topic ‘My Family’ for backing.

A Short Essay On ‘My Family’ Of 100 Words

All families are essential, but not everyone is lucky to have a family. I am very lucky for getting a good family.

I live in a nuclear family with mom, dad, and my dog. When I was small, I had to go live with my grandparents when both of them were working together, but now I can live alone.

My family loves each other a lot. We have at least one meal of a day together as a tradition. Sometimes we also play Ludo or carom together. I like nuclear families better than joint families because then I get a little peace.

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A Long Essay On ‘My Family’ Of 150 Words

Family members are the first teachers. All children copy and learn the behaviour of their families. Some families are very big, which are called joint families, and some families are small, which are called nuclear families.

I live with my mother, father, and dog, which is a nuclear family. I feel nuclear families are better because I do not have to fight with anyone to watch television.

My dog is completely a part of my family. My family loves each other a lot. If everyone is busy, we try to eat one meal of the day together. During weekends we play carom or Ludo. We even watch movies together.

Sometimes we go to my grandparents’ house, but there are so many people there that I get very tired. I love staying with just my mum, dad, and dog.

My family has helped me be a good person. Yes, they scold me sometimes, but I know that they do that for my own good. I love them very much.

10 Lines On My Family In English

  1. Family is the first teacher of any child.
  2. Children copy and pick up the behaviour of their family members.
  3. There are two types of family, i.e., joint and nuclear.
  4. Joint family is when parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts all live together.
  5. A nuclear family is when the parents live alone with the kid.
  6. I live in a nuclear family.
  7. My family loves each other a lot.
  8. It is our tradition to eat at least one meal together.
  9. On weekends, we play board games or watch movies to spend quality family time.
  10. Giving importance to one’s family is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Family Essay

Question: What types of families are there?

Answer: There are nuclear families and joint families. Nuclear families are those where only parents and kids live, but joint family is where the grandparents, uncles, and aunts also live.

Question: How many people do you have in your family?

Answer: I have three people in my family, my mum, dad, and myself. My dog is also part of my family, so I can say that we are four members in our family. We love and support each other a lot.

Question: Why is family important?

Answer: Family is important because they are the first teachers of a child. The child learns behaviour, habits, and about the world from their family. A child is the reflection of the family they grew up in, but not everyone is lucky to have a family.

Importance of Computer Essay for Class 6


Nowadays, technology has been an important part of life. It helps people make work easier and makes life better to live.

The computer is one of them. A computer is an electronic device. It can perform many tasks like messaging, calculations, writing, storing data, printing, etc.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic Importance of Computer for reference.

Short Essay on Importance of Computer of 100 Words

Technology has changed every aspect of our daily life. A computer is one of them which made our life better.When the computer was invented first; it was not as simple as it is now. It was too big and difficult.

Computer is currently the best option for communication. I have a laptop in my house. My father uses this for his work. He taught me how to make documents and drawings there. It was fun.

The computer gives very accurate answers to everything, including math and science.

I think a computer is essential in life because it can do anything. We shouldn’t overuse computer. It can affect our health. Also, we shouldn’t waste time misusing computer and surfing videos.

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Long Essay on Importance of Computer of 150 Words

The computer is now a very popular electronic device. One can use a computer to write documents, send an email, play games, make designs and presentations, browse the Web and many more. We use computer in various places: schools, colleges and offices. I have a computer in my house.

In school, teachers taught me how to paint on a computer and said that it could help design in future. I am now learning how to write documents on computer. But I love to play games on computer. My favourite game is chess because the computer wins most of the time and this encourages me to play more.

There is another thing I love in computer is video call. I can call my friends when they are far. Once I called my cousin, who is living in the United States. It was fun.

We can learn many new things through the computer and internet and can also do our work efficiently and quickly on computer.

10 Lines on Importance of Computer In English

  • Computer is a device for storing and processing data.
  • Computer takes data as input, processes data using programs and gives information as output.
  • In the 18th-century computer was invented by Charles Babbage.
  • We can explore many new things through the internet.
  • Computer stores a lot of data. Even various offices use computer hard drive as a data store.
  • Computer is now used everywhere: Schools, colleges, hospitals etc.
  • Communication is now very easier for computer. We can directly connect people from the point of Earth to another.
  • Computer can answer everything very accurately, including math and science.
  • Computer helps to improve student learning and basic skills.
  • Now we can transfer money from a bank to another through a computer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Importance of Computer

Question: What are the five essential parts of Computer?

Answer: The essential parts of a computer are Central Processing Unit, Power Supply, Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor.

Question: What is the full form of VGA?

Answer: The full form of VGA is a Video Graphics Array. It is a standard connector used for computer video output.

Question: What can a computer be used for?

Answer: Computer is an electronic device that takes data as input. It can store, retrieve, and process data. We can use a computer to type documents, send an email, play games, make designs and presentations, browse the Web and many more.

Essay on Most Memorable Day of My Life for Class 6


All days are not special. But some days are highlighted in our memories. These memories make us feel nostalgic. Here the 6th-grade students will verbalize one such day in an essay like this. This essay will help kids to express a part of their precious memory in a creatively organized form. .

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Most Memorable Day Of My Life’ for reference.

Short Essay on Most Memorable Day of My Life of 100 Words

Human life is overflowing with events and moments. Among these infinite incidents, some of them are pleasant, some aren’t, and we remember those for long. For me, the most memorable event has to be my first day at my school.

It was my new school. I came here after my father got transferred to a new state. I joined the 5th graders and made many new friends. My class teacher, Miss Ghosh, was very polite yet charismatic when she taught us.

After my lessons, some of my friends and I went to the school canteen had our lunch together. My first day at school was full of happy feelings. Even though this might seem like any other school day, it had a lasting impression on me.

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Long Essay on Most Memorable Day of My Life of 150 Words

The happiest and the most memorable day of my life was from our tour to Sikkim. It was a family vacation, and I was ten at that time. We enjoyed ourselves a lot on that trip.

The trip started like any other trip to the mountains. We boarded a train then booked a car that took us up the hills. I slept the entire car ride as I couldn’t sleep on the train. The main highlight for me was the day after we arrived there.

In the morning and the weather so chilly that we were freezing like a statue. The moment I woke up I saw the beautiful Kanchenjunga range from the massive window in my lodge. The clouds got into our room! It’s a sight; one can never forget.

The rest of the day, we went around a few small waterfalls and visited an ethereal Buddha shrine. We also had a few fantastic local delicacies. The experience was soothing and calming. That day was well spent and memorable.

10 Lines on Most Memorable Day of My Life In English

  1. Human life is filled with several small and big events.
  2. Some of these moments and events stick with us for a long time while we forget most of it.
  3. In my case, the most memorable day in my life was a happy memory.
  4. It was my trip with my family to Sikkim.
  5. From that trip onwards, my love for the mountains kept on increasing.
  6. The first day of my trip, I woke up to see clouds entering or hotel room through the huge window.
  7. The sight of snow-capped mountain ranges was simply marvellous.
  8. The cool air and pleasant and friendly locals made our stay a comfortable and memorable one.
  9. We also visited some small waterfalls and a Buddha shrine that day.
  10. I want to visit that place again to make some more memorable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions on Most Memorable Day of My Life Essay

Question: What is the meaning of a memorable day?

Answer – Memorable is something that is not easily forgotten or something unusual or exciting enough to be easy to recall.

Question: What can be an example of a memorable day?

Answer – Someone can have their birthday as their most memorable day.

Question: Is memorable a positive or negative word?

Answer – Memorable means easy to remember or worth remembering, mostly due to being remarkable in a positive way. Memorable can be supposedly neutral and can be combined with negative events.

Essay On The Importance Of Reading For Class 6


Reading is a vital habit that everyone needs to develop in life. A good book can enlighten, inform and lead one in the right direction. A good book is a companion who is better than anything else. For an individual’s overall well-being, reading is very significant. Once a person starts to read, they can experience a whole new world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Importance Of Reading’ for reference.

Short Essay on Importance of Reading of 100 Words

The importance of reading in one’s life is shown by Francis Bacon’s quote “Reading makes a complete man”. Reading is an essential step to knowledge, though, it does not only mean reading at school or college as a portion of the syllabus.

One can come to learn about new things when they start reading. One can also learn about the ideas of others on different topics which widen their horizon. As a result, one’s ability to analyse and reason improves, and they become a better person. Books can lift one’s spirit when they are feeling low and guide us to a happy and useful life. So, reading is an essential aspect of one’s life.

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Long Essay on Importance of Reading of 150 Words

It is said that books are our one and loyal friend, because other friends may leave us and go, but what we read in books aids us in life in one way or other and books always stays with us.

When we read a book, we can easily find a solution to any problems, on many occasions. Books can easily entertain one if they are bored or any readily available information, which helps one for their projects or home tasks.

A person who reads is automatically smarter than the one who doesn’t read much. Reading a few pages everyday helps in the concentration, which is necessary for academic classes. A person can learn to analyse a situation, its source, and effects more effectively.

If a person develops reading habits and takes it seriously, it nurtures their imagination and craves for adventure. Reading is an excellent practice as it helps in building the personality of a person.

10 Lines on Importance of Reading in English

  1. As practice makes one perfect, children who read often and broadly get better at it.
  2. Reading toughens brain connections and builds new connections.
  3. If someone reads often, their concentration power also increases.
  4. Reading teaches children about the world surrounding them.
  5. One can quickly improve their language and vocabulary skills by reading.
  6. The imagination of young children develops a lot by reading.
  7. Reading helps an individual to build empathy.
  8. Reading is fun, and as a book is easy to carry anywhere, one can easily take it and read anywhere if they are bored.
  9. Reading is excellent means of spending time.
  10. Children who read daily can quickly achieve better scores in school.

Frequently Asked Questions on Importance of Reading

Question: Can reading be harmful to someone?

Answer: Reading is a beneficial task, but too much reading can also kill one’s brain’s productivity. If one is reading without deeper processing, there is not much benefit from it.

Question: What improves if one reads?

Answer: When one read, their memory and empathy both improves and also researches has shown that reading makes us feel more positive and better. 

Question: For how much time should one read per day?

Answer: An individual should read about fifteen to thirty minutes per day on an average.

Essay on How I Spent Winter Vacation for Class 6


Winter vacation is my favourite holiday of the whole year. I love winters because of its cold and pleasant weather. On every winter vacation, I usually go on a trip with my family to the hill stations. I always look forward to this vacation every year with a lot of excitement.

We are providing two essay samples for class 6 on the topic ‘How I Spent Winter Vacation’ for reference.

Short Essay on ‘How I Spent Winter Vacation’ of 100 Words

Every year we go out on a trip during winter vacation, but this year I was at home. My uncle had taken my cousins and me to an orphanage on Christmas. We distributed clothes and food to the children. We also played with them. It was a special day.

I read a new book, helped my mother tidy the house, and also watched a few movies in the holidays. I enjoyed the cold and comfortable weather and got to wear my new jackets. I spent the vacation at home with my family by doing little things that brought us happiness.

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Long Essay on ‘How I Spent Winter Vacation’ of 150 Words

I was waiting for the winter vacation since the beginning of the year as we get a long winter holiday from school. My family had planned for a trip to the hill stations this year. After Christmas, we had set out for our trip to Sikkim.

We travelled to Sikkim by train, after which the entire journey was by car. We went by the hilly routes to our hotel which was in the lap of the mountains. The scenic beauty at the place was overwhelming. There was a lot of greenery everywhere and waterfalls with a heavy flow from the top of the mountains.

I enjoyed the trip a lot. My favourite part was watching the sunrise from behind the mountains. I got to know about the lifestyle of the people living in the hills. It was freezing and windy there, but this winter vacation was unique and memorable to me.

10 Lines On How I Spent My Winter Vacation In English

  1. Winter vacations are my favourite holidays in the entire year.
  2. Our school declares holidays from mid of December to mid-January, which is a long span of a month.
  3. I enjoy winter because of the cold, pleasant weather.
  4. I love to wear winter clothes like sweaters and jackets.
  5. My favourite festival Christmas falls during the winter vacations, and I am always looking forward to it.
  6. Sometimes we plan for trips to places or small outdoor picnics during the winter vacations.
  7. We can make our winter vacations more meaningful by distributing blankets and warm clothes to the poor.
  8. I also like to play badminton and other outdoor games during winter vacations as the weather is very comfortable.
  9. I do my studies and homework during the break, as well.
  10. I like to make greeting cards for the New Year during the winter vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions on How I Spent Winter Vacation Essay

Question: What do we do during winter vacation?

Answer: During winter vacations, we get a long holiday from school. We can do our pending homework, celebrate festivals like Christmas and New Year’s. We wear our winter clothes during this time and go for outdoor picnics with our family or for a long trip to celebrate the holidays.

Question: When is the time for winter vacation?

Answer: We usually get our winter vacation for a month from mid of December to the mid of January. It is at a time when the weather is very cold and windy.

Question: What is a winter vacation essay?

Answer: A winter vacation essay should consist of how we spent our holidays during winter. We can describe the different activities that we do during this holiday or the trips that we make during this time. We can also add what makes this holiday special for us.

Essay on Health is Wealth for Class 6


The value of health is crucial for each human on Earth. Many people have to suffer from diseases and get stuck with a not so good life for their entire life. If people had control over health, they would make sure that there are no issues.

We are providing two essay samples for Class 6 on the topic “Republic Day” for reference.

Short Essay on Health is Wealth of 100 Words

The well being of a person is the way which is more significant than the wealth they possess. People don’t recognize the phrase ‘health is wealth’ at a tender age when they abuse their body as they want to and expect that there would be zero consequences. The health effects start disturbing once they grow older.

Many problems in the body start showing up, and one has to suffer from a lot of pain. This pain and adverse effects of unhealthiness are not curated by money; therefore, it is proven that a person’s real wealth is having a healthy body and mind, which is to be earned by following a healthy lifestyle.

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Long Essay on Health is Wealth of 150 Words

“Health is wealth” is one of the most important phrases prevailing in almost every language in one way or another. And there is practically no one who will disagree with the words because, indeed, our health is one of the most important riches we possess. Once we expire or our heath loses its worth, the wealth in life will also mean nothing for us.

If adequate care is taken of our health, it can last for much time and help us when we become aged. To have a healthy state of body and mind, one must take proper care of it through regular exercising, eating healthy food, avoiding junk food and intoxication, etc. The crucial aspect of health makes it a real asset for us. If a family member starts with acceptable practices of taking care of their good health, it might also tempt others to join in better health.

10 Lines on The Essay on Health is Wealth in English

  1. A fit body is the one that is disease-free and active.
  2. There are many ways by which one can have fitness, among them running, exercising, maintaining a disciplined life, a healthy diet, etc., plays an important role.
  3. Health is a luxury that everyone can have easily.
  4. Being unhealthy will drain your money for paying the doctors, buying medicines, etc.
  5. . If you have good health, then one can earn their own riches.
  6. Being unhealthy physically will make one sad and unhappy, and being not well mentally will also affect physical health.
  7. Therefore the balance between physical and mental health must be maintained by all.
  8. If any health problems arise, then they should immediately seek professional advice regarding the issue.
  9. However, if you gain a lot of money, once your health is ruined entirely, there is no way you can make it better.
  10. Even our environment plays a crucial role in our health, so one should be worried about how much sunlight, air, pollution is in the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health is Wealth Essay

Question 1: The phrase ‘Health is wealth’ was drafted by whom?

Answer: The proverb ‘Health is wealth’ is very popular now, but Ralph Waldo Emerson first used it.

Question 2: What will happen, one chooses to lead an unhealthy lifestyle?

Answer: We all are aware that an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually fill the person with unhappiness, depression, anger, and sorrow. When they are too late to realize their mistake, they will regret not having a healthier lifestyle.

Question 3: Is there a World Health Day being celebrated?

Answer: The 7th day of April is commemorated as World Health Day.

Christmas Essay for Class 6


Christmas is celebrated worldwide on 25th December every year. This was the day when Jesus Christ, known as the ‘Child of God’, was born. Although a Christian festival, people of all religion celebrate Christmas. Also known as the ‘Feast Day of Christ’, Christmas is a cultural holiday and is enjoyed by everyone.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Christmas’ for reference.

Short Essay on Christmas of 100 Words

Christmas marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on 25th December. The celebration of Christmas starts from a week ago. People decorate their houses and set up a Christmas tree with lights, candles, artificial stars, flowers, bells and toys. They give gifts to others and celebrate the festival with a lot of enthusiasm.

The festival is celebrated worldwide traditionally and religiously. People visit churches. They light up candles and sing Christmas carols in the honour of Jesus Christ. Kids get excited about the celebrations, and they eagerly wait for gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas is a time for family get-togethers.

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Long Essay on Christmas of 150 Words

Christmas is a religious and holy festival of the Christians, but people from all religions celebrate together. Jesus Christ was born on this day and Christmas is the celebration of his birth. It is a happy festival and people become joyous and cheerful. The shops and the streets are decorated with lights. Various fairs and carnivals are held at places.

Preparations for Christmas start before a week or two. On Christmas eve, people visit churches which are decorated with lights, candles and flowers. A miniature setup of Jesus’s birth is created at churches. People light candles, sing carols and pray to Jesus.

Christian people decorate their homes with lights, artificial stars, toys, etc. and set up a Christmas tree. They bake various cakes, pies, cookies and have dinner together. There is a practice of giving gifts on this occasion. Kids keep their socks below their pillows and are excited to open the gifts from Santa Claus in the morning.

10 Lines on Christmas in English

  1. Christmas is a Christian festival but is celebrated by all.
  2. It marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on 25th December.
  3. It is a cultural holiday and people are in a festive mood.
  4. Different events, shows and carnival are organised at places.
  5. People cook various dishes and bake different types of cakes and biscuits.
  6. People decorate their houses and set up Christmas trees with lights, bells, artificial stars, etc.
  7. Churches are decorated, and carols are sung in the honour of Christ.
  8. People generally give gifts to each other and spend time with family.
  9. Kids get excited to receive gifts from Santa Claus.
  10. Many churches organise performances to make the day more eventful and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Essay

Question: Why is Christmas celebrated?

Answer: Christmas is a holy and religious festival which is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christian families come together and celebrate the festival joyously.

Question: Who started the celebration of Christmas?

Answer: Many believe that in 336 A.D., a Roman emperor called Constantine started celebrating Christmas with the Roman people.

Question: How do Christian people celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Christians decorate their houses with colourful lights and candles. They cook delicacies and have family dinners. Various cakes, chocolates and biscuits are made. They even set up a Christmas tree decorated with colourful flowers, stars on top, bells, toys and lights. They visit churches, sing carols, especially in midnight and pray to Jesus. They give gifts to friends and families.

My Favourite Book Essay for Class 4


Books are known to always be there by your side. It is a very accurate statement as books have always accompanied me. Reading books has been the utmost joy of my life. The importance of reading is what I have learned with the help of books. Out of all, Harry Potter is one of my most favourite books.

We are providing two essay samples for class 4 on the topic ‘My Favourite Book’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Favourite Book of 100 Words

Harry Potter is a series of books written by one of the most famous authors of all time, i.e., J.K Rowling. These books demonstrate the world of wizardry and its functioning.

The author has been successful at beautifully depicting the scenario of a magical world. There is a total of 7 books included in this series. One of which, my favorite book is the “Goblet of Fire.”

Reading this book made me intrigued instantly. Although I went through every book present in the series, this one had a better perspective of the magical world. There was countless instance present in this book which never failed to amuse me.

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Long Essay on My Favourite Book of 150 Words

In the book “Goblet of Fire,” the part that amazed me the most in the tri-wizard tournament. Moreover, the characters present in this book are some of my most favorites. The aura that surrounded each of the characters present in this book was mesmerizing.

Although the main plot of the Harry Potter series normally revolves around the wizarding world. There are countless lessons that children can learn from this series of books.

This series has taught me the real importance and value of friendship even though I read many books, but it’s quite rare to find the depiction of friendship as in this series since the entire series showcases Ron, Hermione’s bond with Harry.

Moreover, it also displays the imperfections implying the fact that perfection is a delusion. Since every individual contains two sides to them, both evil and good, the choice mostly depends on us. Therefore, this series has allowed me to make much better choices and made me a better person.

10 Lines on My Favourite Book in English

  1. Harry Potter is a world-famous fantasy novel whose author is J.K. Rowling.
  2. The main protagonist of the story is a wizard named – Harry Potter.
  3. The school of wizards – Hogwarts, is where Harry Potter and his companions’ study.
  4. Harry Potter is the only person in the novel that survives a killing curse.
  5. The series is popular globally and also has 7 parts of movies to convey the whole novel story.
  6. Warner Bros. is the main entity behind the creation of Harry Potter movies.
  7. This movie has been accredited with various awards worldwide.
  8. J.K. Rowling became a billionaire in 2004 just by writing Harry Potter.
  9. Fantastic Beast is a prequel to the story of Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling.
  10. The main characters of Harry Potter include Albus Dumbledore. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favorite Book

Question. Which book was the first released of the series Harry Potter?

Answer. The book named Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first released back in the year 1997.

Question. How was the scar formed on Harry’s forehead?

Answer. When Voldemort killed the parents of harry. During that time, Voldemort tried to kill Harry, but instead of killing him, it left a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Question. Harry belonged to which house?

Answer. Harry has been famous for being in the same house as his father, i.e., Gryffindor.

Morning Walk Essay for Class 4


Exercise encourages us to stay in shape, both as a main priority and body. Walking is the best type of activity and suits individuals. Early morning is viewed as a decent and ideal opportunity for a walk.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Morning Walk’ for reference.

Short Essay on Morning Walk of 100 Words

Our morning walk takes somewhat more than an hour consistently. We get back home by 6.15 am or somewhere in the vicinity. We feel revived, cheerful, and decidedly ready to begin our day. A morning walk wonderfully affects the brain and body, which remains for the remainder of the day.

A morning walk is a helpful exercise. It is light exercise. It invigorates our body and psyche. In the morning, Nature is at its best. A morning walk gets us in contact with the beautiful environmental factors of Nature.

It gives us incredible euphoria and keeps us fit and stable. The green grass, the blooming blossoms, twittering feathered creatures, the outside air, the rising sun, and morning dew – all give us incredible euphoria, and they fill our hearts with satisfaction.

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Long Essay on Morning Walk of 150 Words

A morning walk is a decent exercise for all. Numerous individuals who rise promptly in the morning take a walk. Morning walk is the best exercise. It is beneficial for our wellbeing. It improves our wellbeing.

It is useful for our wellbeing. It is as valuable for the body as food. The outside air is beneficial for our lungs. We appreciate the excellent view of Nature. The calm wind revives us. We hear the peeping of the flying creatures.

We see the ranchers furrowing the fields. I am partial to the morning walk. I rise promptly in the morning. I go to Nehru Park each day. The rising sun at that point starts to sparkle in the east. It glances extremely lovely in the recreation center.

Everything looks new and blossoming. A few people are believed to take work out. The dewdrops on the grass look flawless. We walk barefooted on the green grass. Following 60 minutes, we get back from the nursery.

10 Lines on Morning Walk-In English

  1. Morning walks should be shaped as a propensity.
  2. Morning walk is best for actual wellness, and it is the lightest exercise.
  3. The morning walk is stable for the lungs.
  4. Early morning walk is significant because it additionally helps in keeping the skin sound.
  5. There is a gigantic park before my home where, alongside my folks, I go on a morning walk.
  6. While we run, we meet vast numbers of our neighbors and welcome them.
  7. While running, I like the smell of natural air and blossoms around. It causes me to feel alive and new.
  8. It feels excellent during winters to respect the magnificence of nature-dew drops of water on leaves, and splendid sun.
  9. We complete the rounds of the recreation center and lay on the grass shoeless.
  10. A standard morning walk is essential to the primary sound psyche and body.

Frequently Asked Questions on Morning Walk Essay

How morning walks help? 

It causes us to decrease weariness from the body and get a decent shape. Individuals would prefer not to have additional fat in their body, and it’s anything but something to be thankful for, as indicated by clinical science. A morning walk can decrease weakness and give us a useful life.

How does it assist the individuals with the diabetic and coronary episode? 

Diabetics and heart infections are incredibly typical among everybody now. It has a severe danger. Yet, a walk can diminish the conceivable outcomes of heart issues and control your diabetics, and that is why all the specialists recommend the patients walk a ton in the morning.

For what reason is the morning Walk significant? 

It makes our brain lively and roused. The tranquil climate of the morning makes us so much confidence. We get bunches of energy to work the whole day with heaps of excitement.