CBSE Class 2 EVS Transport Worksheets

CBSE Class 2 EVS Transport Worksheets – Worksheets have become an integral part and are the most engaging study materials for kids these days. The Standard 2 EVS Transport Worksheets will help your younger one to practice what they have learned in class. Transport Worksheets for Grade 2 will develop a curiosity in your kid to learn.

EVS Worksheets for Class 2 are a perfect combination of fun and learning. Find the most interesting and relevant puzzle activities for your kids here. In the Environmental Science Grade 2 Transport Worksheets Puzzles will be in the form of crosswords, true or false, pictures, mazes, fill-ups, MCQs, objectives, questions and answers, and so on.

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Environmental Science Worksheets for Class 2 on Transport will help your kid remember what he/ she learned in school for a long time. Your Grade 2 kid will love to solve these engaging exercises and interesting collections of Puzzles.

CBSE Class 2 EVS Transport Worksheets

1. State True or False: Car has three wheels.
A) true
B) false

2. What is a passenger train?

3. Where are tongas and carts used mostly?

4. Describe ship.

5. Fill in the blanks: _______ carry a large number of people.
A) Car
B) Bus
C) Bicycle
D) Motorcycle

6. Where do trains run?

7. Fill in the blanks: ________ transport consists of vehicles that move on roads or rails.
A) Air
B) Water
C) Land
D) Truck

8. State True or False: Sports car is used for racing.
A) true
B) false

9. What do all vehicles use as fuel?

10. What is the fuel used in big cities?

11. State True or False: Trains carry goods and passengers.
A) true
B) false

12. Which vehicle does not have an engine?

13. What is the use of air balloon?

14. What is mean of transport?

15. Where do ships and boats halt?

16. State True or False: Bus is the land transport.
A) true
B) false

17. State True or False: Bus is a private means of transport.
A) true
B) false

18. Which part of the vehicle helps to move?

19. Which is the best vehicle for travelling small distance?

20. What helps sail boat to move?

CBSE Class 2 EVS Worksheet Answers

1. Option B
2. Trains that carry many people and travel a very long distance is called as the passenger train.
3. Tongas and carts are mostly used in villages.
4. A ship can travel across seas and oceans, it carries goods and passengers from one country to other and carries bulky goods to long distances.
5. Option B
6. Trains run on tracks.
7. Option C
8. Option A
9. All vehicles use petrol or diesel as a fuel.
10. Big cities use fuel like CNG in buses and cars.
11. Option A
12. A bicycle does not have an engine.
13. Air balloon is used for fun and adventure.
14. Means of transport is a vehicle through which goods or people move from one place to other.
15. Ships and boats halt at the harbor.
16. Option A
17. Option B
18. Wheels of the vehicle help to move.
19. The bicycle is the best vehicle for travelling a small distance.
20. Sailboat uses the wind to move.

FAQs on EVS Transport Class 2 Worksheets

1. How does a child learn Environmental Science Transport at Class 2 Level?

A child can learn EVS Transport at Class 2 Level through the worksheets prevailing on our page.

2. What are the topics in EVS Class 2?

Environmental Science Class 2 will have topics like Transport etc.

3. Where can I get Environmental Science Worksheets for Class 2 Transport for free?

You can get EVS Transport Worksheets Class 2 free of cost from our page. You can use them for your kid to get practice.

4. Are the CBSE Class 2 Transport Worksheets over here printable?

Yes, the CBSE Class 2 Transport Worksheets here are printable and you can download them easily.


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