Character Sketch of Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice

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Character Sketch of Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers


  • a minor character in the play
  • a man of culture
  • romantic bent of mind
  • a sincere and devoted lover
  • a dependable person
  • philosophical temperament
  • a good judge of human nature

Lorenzo – A Minor Character
Lorenzo is a minor character. His appearance in the play is not frequent. He is a man of culture with a romantic bent of mind. He is a right companion of Bassanio and the right lover for the romantically-inclined Jessica. He is not practical. That is why, he yields readily to Jessica’s suggestion of elopement. He is a dreamy fellow. If Tubal is to be believed, Jessica dominates him in everything.

Lorenzo – Sincere and Devoted Lover
He is a sincere and devoted lover. He finds all kinds of qualities in his beloved. He looks at her with the eyes of an enchanted fellow. In the famous moonlight scene in Belmont, his stories of classical lovers match those of Jessica, proving thereby that he is no less witty than her in any way.

Lorenzo – A Dependable Person
He proves to be a trustworthy fellow. That is why, Portia assigns to him and Jessica the duty of managing her house in her absence. And he is earnest in discharging his duties. When he learns of Portia’s arrival, he arranges a suitable musical welcome for her.

Lorenzo – Philosophic Temperament
He has a genuinely poetic and philosophical temperament. His reference to the unheard heavenly music is extremely poetic. Shakespeare puts in his mouth one of his most profound poetic words :

“Look, how the floor of heaven
Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold
……. we cannot hear it”.

Lorenzo – A Good Judge of Humans
His views on music reveal that he is a good judge of human nature. He tells Jessica that the man who has no love for music in himself, or who is not affected by sweet melody can only be a treacherous, dishonest and intriguing fellow.

In short, he is a nice, dependable young man. His poetic and romantic nature reveals his sensitive soul.

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