Christmas Essay for Class 6

Christmas is celebrated worldwide on 25th December every year. This was the day when Jesus Christ, known as the ‘Child of God’, was born. Although a Christian festival, people of all religion celebrate Christmas. Also known as the ‘Feast Day of Christ’, Christmas is a cultural holiday and is enjoyed by everyone.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Christmas’ for reference.

Short Essay on Christmas of 100 Words

Christmas marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on 25th December. The celebration of Christmas starts from a week ago. People decorate their houses and set up a Christmas tree with lights, candles, artificial stars, flowers, bells and toys. They give gifts to others and celebrate the festival with a lot of enthusiasm.

The festival is celebrated worldwide traditionally and religiously. People visit churches. They light up candles and sing Christmas carols in the honour of Jesus Christ. Kids get excited about the celebrations, and they eagerly wait for gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas is a time for family get-togethers.

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Long Essay on Christmas of 150 Words

Christmas is a religious and holy festival of the Christians, but people from all religions celebrate together. Jesus Christ was born on this day and Christmas is the celebration of his birth. It is a happy festival and people become joyous and cheerful. The shops and the streets are decorated with lights. Various fairs and carnivals are held at places.

Preparations for Christmas start before a week or two. On Christmas eve, people visit churches which are decorated with lights, candles and flowers. A miniature setup of Jesus’s birth is created at churches. People light candles, sing carols and pray to Jesus.

Christian people decorate their homes with lights, artificial stars, toys, etc. and set up a Christmas tree. They bake various cakes, pies, cookies and have dinner together. There is a practice of giving gifts on this occasion. Kids keep their socks below their pillows and are excited to open the gifts from Santa Claus in the morning.

10 Lines on Christmas in English

  1. Christmas is a Christian festival but is celebrated by all.
  2. It marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on 25th December.
  3. It is a cultural holiday and people are in a festive mood.
  4. Different events, shows and carnival are organised at places.
  5. People cook various dishes and bake different types of cakes and biscuits.
  6. People decorate their houses and set up Christmas trees with lights, bells, artificial stars, etc.
  7. Churches are decorated, and carols are sung in the honour of Christ.
  8. People generally give gifts to each other and spend time with family.
  9. Kids get excited to receive gifts from Santa Claus.
  10. Many churches organise performances to make the day more eventful and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Essay

Question: Why is Christmas celebrated?

Answer: Christmas is a holy and religious festival which is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christian families come together and celebrate the festival joyously.

Question: Who started the celebration of Christmas?

Answer: Many believe that in 336 A.D., a Roman emperor called Constantine started celebrating Christmas with the Roman people.

Question: How do Christian people celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Christians decorate their houses with colourful lights and candles. They cook delicacies and have family dinners. Various cakes, chocolates and biscuits are made. They even set up a Christmas tree decorated with colourful flowers, stars on top, bells, toys and lights. They visit churches, sing carols, especially in midnight and pray to Jesus. They give gifts to friends and families.

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