Comprehending The Origin of Disease

Comprehending The Origin of Disease

When we say disease, we have to classify them into two basic categories. One set of diseases are infectious – you contract them from outside. Maybe you were negligent and ate or drank something which was not good and caught an infection, Or you went close to somebody who had the flu and got it. For these diseases, there are medicines.

In addition, the diseases that we usually speak about, are something that the body creates. Though, the fundamental longing of the physical body is to survive, preserve itself and keep itself well. But despite this fact, if the body is creating diseases within itself, what could be wrong? Have you ever thought of the fact that your mind may be to blame? But surely you’ve heard of psychosomatic diseases.

Energy Malfunctions And Ailments

If the mind is functioning in a certain way, it hampers the functioning of energy. Whatever is happening and whatever has happened in this body in terms of creating, maintaining and nurturing, fundamentally depends on how your energy functions in this body. It for some reason your energy malfunctions, then a disease can manifest itself.

lf the energy malfunctions, what kind of disease it may turn into, depends upon what Is inherently weak in a particular person. It may be a hereditary aspect like some organ or part of the body could be inherently weak because of a person’s parents. So, it the same imbalance happens in two people, one person may get asthma and the other may get diabetes, depending upon what each has inherited.

The Software Within You

What type of imbalance you go through also has a very deep karmic implication. What we call as karma Is a huge amount of impressions that we have taken into us, which have become their own kind of software.’ This software has developed certain tendencies – it tends to move in a particular way.

Traditionally in India, we call these tendencies vasanas which literally means smell. So what kind of smell emanates from you, depends on what kind of ‘garbage’ you have gathered. Depending upon what type of vasanas you have, accordingly you tend to move in certain ways and also certain aspects in the world tend to move towards you in a particular way. Is this absolute? No.

Your Smell And External Influences

If you become conscious, even if your smell in one way, you can choose to go another way. But if you are not conscious, you naturally gravitate according to your tendencies. In the body, a certain manifestation of these tendencies can become disease. Because of certain tendencies, the energy does not function properly ¡n certain areas of the body and disease can appear. Another way disease can occur is when you are under the influence of something.

Your karmic structure is fine, your tendencies are good, they are taking you in the right direction, you have kept your body well and are taking care of it, but still, you may get a bad disease, because you are under the influence of something else. It is because this aspect also plays an important role – this is why in ancient India, they decided that every town and village must have a temple.

Temples As Energy Centres

But what you need to understand is, temples are not places of worship and prayer. Nobody ever led people in prayer in a temple, you are just left alone. You are supposed to just turn up and sit there, that’s all. These were energy centres which were established to handle that dimension of your tendencies or that dimension of Impact on your life, which comes from outside. This is like an infection, but with no virus or bacteria.

Certain other tendencies of people, it could be a person, it could be situations, certain spaces or certain evil Intentions of people, affect the process of your life. So every day you go to a temple, where you do a little bit of ‘cleansing’ for yourself. If you become conscious, then you create your own inner ways to cleanse. But if you do not have your own inner ways, a temple was a public ‘wash place’ for you. Each day you go there and ‘take oft’ that element, It does not solve all your problems, but it ‘takes off’ that element which comes into your life from external influences.


Mentioned above are the different ways in which you can impair your energy system. Either by your own karmic system, by your own karmic accumulation or because of improper eating and other kinds of habits, or the way in which your mind functions – your stress or your anxiety. So these are the kind of things or influences from outside, which can impair the flow of energy in your system and in turn manifest in the form of an ailment.

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