Discipline Essay For Class 5

Discipline is a trait of a person. It helps a person to keep control over himself. Progress in life and achieving something is hard without discipline. Discipline is something that directs a person to the right path. Everyone should follow some discipline in their life. It makes them a better person.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 5 on the topic ‘Discipline’ for reference.

Short Essay on Discipline of 100 Words

Without discipline, everyone becomes inactive and unfocused. We live in a materialistic world. People want everything quickly. But they don’t want to work for it. Laziness is the main reason behind this. To achieve a goal, one must be disciplined enough.

There are many benefits of discipline. A disciplined man will never be late for anything. He will progress in his life faster than the others. He will always be prepared for challenges. Following proper rules and proper discipline will always bring success.

Discipline helps us to improve ourselves and to be punctual. Usually, discipline starts developing around young age.

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Long Essay on Discipline of 150 Words

Discipline is an essential part of our daily life. At first, a set of rules is applied daily in a particular order. When this application becomes a habit, this is called discipline. It helps us to keep the natural flow of life. It helps us to manage our reactions.

There are a few types of discipline. Professional discipline falls under that category. This includes managing your time, meeting your deadlines, greeting your elders in a proper way etc. Professional discipline is the first step towards success.

Social discipline includes behaving properly in gatherings. It helps people to approach you kindly. Personal discipline builds up from an early age. Family members generally teach it. Sleeping in time, eating healthy, exercising, doing homework are its examples.

People are very busy nowadays. It is difficult for them to stay disciplined. Keeping a diary helps in this problem. A good citizen will always be disciplined and motivate others to be the same.

10 Lines on Discipline in English

  1. Good performance comes from great discipline.
  2. Others can teach discipline, or it can be self-taught.
  3. Athletes and soldiers are the best examples of disciplined beings.
  4. A good citizen is always a disciplined one.
  5. Discipline will teach you how to tackle difficult situations and live life with pride.
  6. A student must follow some sentence to be successful in his future.
  7. Following discipline in our eating habit makes us fit and healthy.
  8. The most significant advantage of discipline is that it increases one’s efficiency.
  9. Our school should teach discipline separately.
  10. When we become disciplined, our life becomes organized.

Frequently Asked Questions on Discipline Essay

Question: Why should a person become disciplined?

Answer: A person should become disciplined early in his life. It will help him to become punctual, assertive, confident soon, which will allow him to achieve his goal and become successful in his life.

Question: Why discipline is so much valuable?

Answer: Doing the right thing in a particular order is effective. When someone does this daily, it becomes a discipline. By forming a habit, we don’t need to worry about other things. We can focus on our goal. This is the benefit of discipline.

Question: Which profession requires more discipline?

Answer: Athletes perform the whole season. This cannot be done without staying fit. So they become very much disciplined to keep healthy. The army is another place where shoulders have to remain disciplined.

Question: What are some qualities of a disciplined person?

Answer: Building a routine, becoming punctual, removing distractions are some qualities of a disciplined person.

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