Earthquake Essay For Class 5

An earthquake is an occurrence where tectonic plates slip past one another, creating waves that travel through the earth’s rocks. Earthquakes, called temblors by scientists, occur almost continuously. Depending on the quake’s intensity, the effect can vary from minor structural damage to complete collapse. This destroys many lives and properties.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 5 on the topic “Earthquake” for reference.

Short Essay on Earthquake of 100 Words

An earthquake is a powerful and abrupt movement of the ground surface. It is a display of the power of tectonic forces caused by thermal conditions inside the earth.  It can range from a small tremor to a wild motion capable of shaking buildings apart and causing open cracks on the ground.

An earthquake is a form of energy of wave motion conveyed through the surface layers of the earth in the form of widening circles. Sometimes, when earthquakes originate from the middle of the ocean, it causes extremely large and destructive waves called Tsunami. This again results in the loss of many lives.

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Long Essay on Earthquake of 150 Words

Earthquake, in simple words, is the abrupt shaking of the earth’s surface. It is a natural occurrence and is caused due to the release of energy that generates waves in all directions. Although it is not frequent like other types of natural disasters, an earthquake can cause destruction and loss of life on a bigger scale.

Earthquakes can occur due to various reasons like a volcanic eruption, icefall, and landslides. However, earthquakes caused due to folding and faulting are more disastrous. They produce tragic and dramatic effects as destroyed cities, broken dams, and sometimes also cause Tsunami. This is why earthquakes are regarded as more destructive than other forces of nature.

Earthquakes do not instantly cause harm to humans, but they cause property damage. The biggest danger is ground displacement, which causes large buildings to collapse, thereby causing injury or death to humans. Sometimes even the roads and bridges are destroyed, making them completely unusable.

10 Lines on Earthquake in English

  1. Earthquake is the sudden and abrupt motion of the earth’s crust that causes destruction.
  2. Natural calamities like volcanic eruptions or landslides can cause earthquakes, but the movement of the earth’s plates mostly causes them.
  3. Earthquake often causes damage to dams and river banks which results in flooding.
  4. Earthquakes that occur near lakes causes a similar effect to Tsunami called seiches.
  5. Generally, smaller shocks are felt after the bigger primary shock and are known as aftershocks.
  6. The point of origin of an earthquake under the earth’s surface is called the centre.
  7. Sometimes large blocks of ice fall into the valleys of snow-capped mountains, causing minor earthquakes.
  8. The instrument used to measure the earthquakes magnitude is called a seismograph.
  9. The Richter scale is a scale of numbers used to tell the power of an earthquake.
  10. Earthquakes are considered the most dangerous natural disaster due to a large number of lives and properties lost.

Frequently Asked Questions on Earthquake Essay

Question: Is it possible to predict an earthquake?

Answer: The exact date, position, and magnitude of an earthquake cannot be predicted. However, scientists are able to develop a map that shows the probability of the occurrence of strong tremors because of tectonic movement.

Question: How can you protect yourself during an earthquake?

Answer: There is no specific protection against earthquakes as they yet cannot be predicted. However, it is suggested to stay calm and to find heavy furniture such as a table to protect you. It would be best if you do not panic and cover your head and face. It is also sensible to stay away from glass or concrete. If you are on the road, you should run away from large buildings as they might collapse.

Question: How long does an earthquake last?

Answer: Generally, earthquakes last for some seconds. Strong ground shaking during a moderate earthquake lasts for about ten to thirty seconds. However, aftershocks can be felt for weeks.

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