Elephant Rhymes


We have provided various elephant rhymes for the kids of class nursery. Elephant rhymes are very interesting and written using very simple rhyming words especially for the kids learning purpose.

Tips for Moms:

You can use clapping, appropriate facial expressions, body movements, elephant costume, smile and toy elephant according to the rhyme lyrics to attract your kids mind and pay attention towards rhymes learning. You can select any elephant rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

Once an elephant was singing

Once an elephant was singing,

A little while started dancing,

Even after having big body,

As dancing is her hobby.


An elephant has big ear

An elephant has big ear,

He is my fatty dear,

He don’t have problem with the bear,

And seeing my friends get cheer.


An elephant has big trunk

An elephant has big trunk,

He do not eat food junk,

And never get a while drunk,

But eat healthy foods in chunk.


An elephant has long trunk

An elephant has long trunk,

On teasing he gets funk,

Within seconds he makes everything sunk,

And behaves really like a shrunk.


I like elephants very much

I like elephants very much,

I want to make her touch,

Especially her long trunk,

But I’m really scared of her funk.


Elephant has big eye

Elephant has big eye,

I want to say her bye,

Without saying I do cry,

And always make a try.


Elephant is very fat

Elephant is very fat,

He is very big than cat,

He likes to wear hat,

And enjoy playing bat.


Elephant lives in the forest

Elephant lives in the forest,

He is liked so much by tourist,

Whole day he don’t take rest,

And become animal’s best.


Elephant lives in the forest

Elephant lives in the forest,

I think he is animal best,

As he passed every test,

Without taking any rest.


Elephant is God blessed

Elephant is God blessed,

He gets never dressed,

But look so impressed,

But sometimes very stressed.


I saw a big an elephant

I saw a big an elephant,

He looks very decent,

But I’m scared to be adjacent,

It is the news very recent.


Elephant is very big

Elephant is very big,

He does very nice gig,

Entertain people by her jig,

By having a huge twig.


I saw elephant in the zoo

I saw elephant in the zoo,

He was seeing at me too,

He started dancing,

And make me laughing.


Elephant do one leg dance

Elephant do one leg dance,

Whenever he get chance,

I want to have a glance,

Please mom only once.

Mamma let me know about elephant

Mamma let me know about elephant,

Why he is so big and enchant,

What he eats to be so big,

And what he does to be so strong.


Elephant, elephant

Elephant, elephant,

Listen to me I have questions some,

From where did you come?

And where you will go.


Elephant, elephant,

I want to know your secret,

Come on let me know frequent,

And do not make me regret.


Elephant, elephant,

Do you become my friend?

Which can be never end?

And be always in trend.


I am elephant

I am elephant, I am elephant,

People say I am big,

And perform funny jig,

I have big and heavy body,

And called as forest’s rowdy,


I am elephant, I am elephant,

I look so strong and enchant,

I know dance in advance,

Why you laugh, give me chance.


I am elephant, I am elephant,

I make kids really happy,

When they become sappy,

They love me very much,

But have fear in getting touch.


I am elephant, I am elephant,

I am so big and strong,

I drink lots of milk and eat healthy food,

And daily go for morning walk.


Elephant eats green grass

Elephant eats green grass,

But don’t drink water in the glass,

He never takes any class,

But become everyone’s boss.


Elephant is very fat

Elephant is very fat,

He wears a nice hat,

He don’t have any toes,

But surprise what a big nose.

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