Essay on Badminton for Class 4

An indoor game which is widely famous across the world is known as Badminton. This game requires a shuttlecock and a racquet for one to play with. Besides, the shuttles that are used are typically created from synthetic materials. The game originally began back in the year 1873. Also, there are countless badminton tournaments organized every year across the world.

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Short Essay on Badminton of 100 Words

Badminton is a game that is commonly played across the world in numerous countries. As mentioned above, to play this game, one requires a racquet and shuttlecock. It is a game which can be played easily between teams or two players.

The rubber grip is used to create the racquet’s rod. It allows the plays to hold it without any problem during the entire game. There is a small ball that is included in the shuttlecock around which the feathers are present.

The net is used to separate the badminton court into two parts, and the players must make use of shoes that are lightweight to be able to move around faster.

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Long Essay on Badminton of 150 Words

Badminton is a game which is enjoyed by the majority of the people across the entire globe. The main goal of this sport is to not miss the shuttlecock and hit it faster using the racquet. One must ensure that the shuttlecock touches the ground of the opponent team’s court.

Besides, the opponents also work hard to prevent the shuttlecock from touching their part of the court ground with their rackets. One can get countless benefits by playing Badminton.

One of the most crucial benefits one can receive by playing Badminton is that it helps one to work out physically. It also keeps individuals healthy. Moreover, it enhances the muscle strength of the people that regularly play it.

Playing Badminton can help individuals to improve their flexibility and athleticism present in them. It also helps to eliminate and decrease the level of depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is highly advantageous, mostly for people with diabetes and obesity.

10 Lines on Badminton in English

  1. Badminton is classified as an indoor game that can be played outdoor as well.
  2. Badminton is played with a single-player as well as a double player on each side.
  3. The main equipment for Badminton includes shuttlecock and racquet.
  4. It was originated in British India and later became famous in Asia.
  5. Mix doubles is a form of Badminton which includes a pair of male-female on each side.
  6. The field of Badminton is rectangular in shape.
  7. The shuttle is made from feathers.
  8. This sport is managed by the WBA – World Badminton Association.
  9. It is one of the easiest games to play due to fewer rules.
  10. The game of Badminton has minimal chance of injury, and thus, anyone can play it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Badminton Essay

Question. Where did Badminton originate from?

Answer. Badminton has its origins from the civilization of the 16th century in England. It started around a similar time in other countries of Europe as well as Asia. In ancient times, it was more commonly known as ‘Battledore and Shuttlecock.’ Modern Badminton originated from India in the 18th century. It has been a popular sport for the officers of the British Army since 1870.

Question. How is Badminton played?

Answer. Badminton is played by at least two individuals on a rectangular court. A net is placed at the center, and thus, the court is divided into equal parts. The players use a racket to hit the shuttle over the net and obtain points to win.

Question. In which year was Badminton added to the Olympics?

Answer. Badminton is added as the Olympic sport in the year 1992. The five competitions that are held for Badminton are: Men’s singles and doubles, Women’s singles and doubles, and mixed singles and doubles (pair of male and female each side).

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