Essay on Child Labour for Class 6

Children are the light of everyone’s life. According to the International Labour Organization, the legal age of a child to join any work is fifteen. India is a country where child labour is a normal incident. Daily children do work against their will in India. These incidents are ruining the future of our nation.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Child Labour’ for reference.

Short Essay on Child Labour of 100 Words

Children are the future of our nation. A child who is less than 15 years old cannot be forcibly worked. This is a law in India. Yet many children work hard due to the financial crisis. Mainly lack of education is the cause behind this.

There are many places in India with a financial crisis. Here, parents cannot afford a living for their children. As a result, children have to work on their own. These children do not go to school. Many of them are also abused at work.

Child labour is a serious issue in our country. The government must stop this.

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Long Essay on Child Labour of 150 Words

Child labour is a rising problem in the world. India is one of the nations with this problem. Many children cannot go the school because of poverty. Poverty makes people do all kind of things. In 2006, seventy-six million children did not attend school.

Ignorance of our government is also a cause behind this. Children suffer from health problems because of this. Child labour is a crime. Despite that, this is happening regularly. Limited rights for children security is causing this.

If we observe, we can see a working child too. Children serving tea, children selling books, children working in factories are the prime examples. A child should enjoy his childhood, not working in factories.

Awareness is the key thing for preventing child labour. We, as the citizen of India, have to keep our eyes open. If we see an incident of child-labour, we have to report it to the police.

10 Lines in Child Labour in English

  1. Child labour is an offensive crime all around the world.
  2. Creating more unions may prevent child labour.
  3. The government should look into this matter of child labour.
  4. Every family should earn their minimum income to avoid child work culture.
  5. Child labour is not only unethical but also a failure of every citizen of India.
  6. Children between the age of eight to thirteen are working as child workers.
  7. Many households keep children as their servent, which is also a matter of child labour.
  8. Children should be sent to school instead of factories.
  9. Because of the financial problem, small children go to work.
  10. The government should provide more jobs to stop child labour.

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Labour Essay

Question: What is child labour?

Answer: Child labour is a crime where a child goes to work. Usually, children younger than 15 years are involved in this. Children go to work to support their family. This crime ruins the future of children.

Question: How to prevent this crime?

Answer: Creating awareness is the first step to prevent this. Our government should enforce strict laws for this crime. Every child’s age should be verified. Every child should attend school for free. This way, we can prevent this crime.

Question: What is causing this crime?

Answer: Many things are causing child labour. Lack of money is the main thing causing this. Unavailability of free education is also a cause behind this.

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