Essay on Christmas for Class 5

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the world. Christmas is a festival that helps in spreading happiness and bliss. People of the Christian community come together and celebrate this blissful day with a lot of respect and honour. This day brings a lot of happiness and harmony to people. Everybody celebrates this day with their families.

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Short Essay on Christmas of 100 Words

Every year on the 25th of December, Christmas is celebrated. This festival celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

Although Christmas is a Christian festival, people from various communities celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. People decorate their houses beautifully with Christmas trees, lights, and many decorations.

Children are especially enthusiastic about Christmas as they expect that Santa Claus will bring them presents on the night of Christmas eve. Gifts are beautifully wrapped in gift boxes and placed under the Christmas tree.

Churches are decorated with lights during Christmas. Kids sing various Christmas carols and perform various skits to celebrate this auspicious day.

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Long Essay on Christmas of 150 Words

Christmas is a holy and wonderful festival that is celebrated by people all over the world. People from all communities celebrate this festival with their loved ones with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm.

People all over the globe decorate their homes with Christmas trees and put up various Christmas decorations such as bells, flowers, artificial stars, and lights.

People make various types of delicacies at home to enjoy with their families. Children often put up stockings on the door for receiving gifts. Christmas is the festival of Christians; however, the festival is cherished by people of all religions.

Christmas is the favourite festival for all kids. Everyone believes that they receive gifts from Santa Claus on this day. Presents are set up under the Christmas tree and are opened on Christmas morning.

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. Everyone is excited about this festival and waits for it all year. Christmas reminds the importance of sharing, exchanging gifts, and living in peace and harmony.

10 Lines on Christmas in English

  1. Christmas is celebrated every year by people worldwide on the 25th of December with full of enthusiasm.
  2. The festival of Christmas is a day of celebration for people irrespective of their religion.
  3. Kids sing Christmas carols, which are one of the best charms of this festival, welcoming the occasion’s festivity.
  4. Many people choose to dress up as Santa Claus to distribute gifts among children.
  5. People sing, dance, and enjoy themselves during Christmas.
  6. Everyone decorates their houses beautifully with Christmas trees, lights, and many other decorations.
  7. Each child looks forward to Christmas every year.
  8. The festival of Christmas brings a sense of peace, love, and harmony among people.
  9. Christmas is one of the most memorable and stunning times of the year.
  10. On Christmas, all members of the family sit together and pray in praise of Jesus Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Essay

Question: Do people of all communities celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Yes, Christmas is the festival that brings together people of all communities. Even though it is a festival of Christians, people from all religions celebrate this festival with their near and dear ones.

Question: Why is Christmas celebrated?

Answer: Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus was born on this auspicious day.

Question: What do people do on Christmas?

Answer: People decorate their homes beautifully. They set up a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, artificial stars, bells, flowers, and toys. Presents are wrapped up and place under the Christmas tree, which is opened on Christmas morning. People also make various delicacies on this day.

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