Essay on COW for Class 1

The cow is a holy animal. It eats grass. The cow is considered a mother in Hinduism. It is a pious animal that gives us milk and helps us make dairy products. It makes a ‘moow’ sound and always chews grass when we see it.

They are domestic animals, and people keep them to support their living by selling their milk and making the dairy product sold in the market. We are providing essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘cow’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on ‘COW’ of 100 words

The cow is one of the best animals to be domesticated. They are cute and provide milk. It doesn’t require costly food items like other pets like cats and animals. It eats fresh grass and hay.

The milk it gives can be used at home, and surplus milk can be sold in the market. It is very beneficial as the milk can be converted into cheese, cottage cheese, and other dairy products. These products can be sold in the market for profits.

They are very innocent and peaceful. They don’t get violent or irritated easily. This makes them ideal domestic animals to be kept and maintained at home.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on ‘COW’ of 100 words

The cow is a holy animal according to Hinduism and is worshiped on many festivals. Its dung is used for many purposes, such as making cow dung cakes to be used while cooking on a mud stove.

Fresh cow dung has been a part of the culture in India, where it is considered holy. Festivals like Onam and Pongal in Southern India are best at worshiping cows for the traditional impact they have.

A cow gives milk for many purposes like cooking, drinking, selling, and also dairy products. Domesticating a cow supports the livelihood and helps people support their families. Cow urine is believed to have medicinal values if consumed regularly.

Cows are believed to have 33 crore Gods and Goddesses in them. There are many breeds of cows available in the market for commercial purposes.

Some of the breeds are Jersey, Red Sindi, Sahiwal, Rathi, Bargur, and Cholistani. The innocence of the cow makes it domestic easily, and it also serves various purposes as a pet.

10 lines on ‘cow’ in English 

  1. The cow is a very friendly and helpful animal.
  2. The cows eat grass, hay, leftovers of agricultural crops, and other remains of plants.
  3. Milk is a divine gift of God that cows give humans, and it is used to make various milk products.
  4. The cow is termed as ‘mata’ or mother in Hinduism due to its contribution to Indian culture.
  5. Cow urine and dung are also usable in many forms.
  6. The urine of cows possesses medicinal properties if consumed regularly early morning.
  7. The dung of cows is used to ignite the fire to cook, keep huts warm, and its fumes keep away insects like mosquitoes.
  8. The presences of 33 crore gods and goddesses in cows make them adored in Hinduism.
  9. Cows are great domestic animals, and it is believed that if a person has cows, then he will never run out of wealth.
  10. Cows eat plant remains, which helps people clean their fields after agriculture without wasting bad crops obtained after agriculture.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How does a cow look?

Answer: A cow is a four-legged animal that has a tail. It has a long face and two horns. It has large ears and a nose. It makes a moow sound.   

Question 2: What does a cow eat?

Answer: Cows eat grass, hay, leftovers of agricultural crops, and other remains of plants.

Question 3: What makes cows holy?

Answer: It is believed that cows have 33 crores Hindu God and Goddesses in them. It is a very innocent animal and also provides milk to humans. Every product obtains from a cow is of some use or the other.

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