Essay on Doctor for Class 3

People who practise medicine are called doctors. Doctors are the people who treat us by analysing our problems and giving a solution to it. Doctors are an essential element of our society. Being a doctor is a noble and respectful profession. The importance of doctors shows in the work that they do.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Doctor’ for reference.

Short Essay On Doctor Of 100 Words

A doctor’s duty is to treat and cure ill people. People’s lives depend on their treatment.When we fall sick or face any injury, we consult a doctor. The doctor diagnoses us as prescribes us the correct medicine or treatment.

Doctors are also known as heroes without capes. They are the people who save the lives of people. Doctors are also people who bring life to the planet by delivering babies. They risk their lives to help humankind.

Doctors have the needed knowledge. With experience and training, they can help people and save their lives. A doctor’s life is not as easy as they have to deal with various types of patients.

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Long Essay on Doctor of 150 Words

A doctor performs his job in either a hospital or a clinic. A doctor needs a legal and valid license. A doctor has many nurses and compounders to help them. A doctor has a vital place in society.

There are various types of doctors. They are dentists, orthopaedic, psychiatrists, etc. Each doctor treats different diseases.

Before a doctor starts the treat, they ask the patient many questions to the patient. It is a doctor of saves lives. If there had not been any doctors, many people would have died.

Becoming a doctor is not easy. It needs many years of training and experience. A doctor has a tough life. They have to work all the time, even on holidays. They are called for emergencies at any time.

In India, 1st July is celebrated as Doctor’s Day. A doctor’s uniform is a white coloured coat. Everyone should respect and honour doctors. They sacrifice their lives to treat people.

10 Lines on Doctor in English

  1. A doctor is a professional who treats people suffering from diseases and injuries.
  2. Doctors are often considered equal to God as they can save lives.
  3. The term ‘Doctor’ comes from a Latin word.
  4. Doctors are highly respected and honoured by everyone in society.
  5. A doctor should never differentiate between his patients based on their caste, religion, or financial crisis.
  6. A doctor must be serious and responsible about their job as other people’s lives depend on them.
  7. Many Indian doctors are making India proud all over the world.
  8. A doctor has a very hectic and busy life, and they hardly have any holidays.
  9. A doctor may be called for an emergency at any time.
  10. A doctor cures our diseases by treating us and giving us medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions on Doctor Essay

Question: What are the qualities of a good doctor?

Answer: A good doctor is responsible for the lives of his patients. They have a lot of experience and use their knowledge in treating the patients in the right manner. A good doctor always has a smile on their face to make their patients feel good.

Question: Who is a dentist?

Answer: A ‘dentist’ is a doctor who helps us in taking care of our teeth and cures any related ailments.

Question: What device does a doctor always have? 

Answer: Usually, doctors always have a stethoscope hanging around their neck, which they use for listening to the heartbeat.

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