Essay on Environment for Class 5

The circumstance in which earth all-natural resources adapt to live is known as the environment. The environment is created with all-natural resources of the planet like rocks, ocean, animals, human, together. The responsibility for providing living conditions for an organism is the environment.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 5 on the topic ‘Environment’ for reference.

Short Essay on Environment of 100 Words

The ecosystem of Mother Nature in which all living species survive together is known as the environment. Creatures such as human, animals, and plants are the main constituents of the environment and all of them living creatures. A significant role in the operating of the environment is played by non-living things such as rocks and minerals.

The environment is classified into two, biological and physical. The first category includes atmosphere or air, hydrosphere or water, and lithosphere or solid. The second category involves all living beings on earth, such as humans. For survival, they are dependent on each other. The whole cycle gets eroded when one creature is disturbed.

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Long Essay on Environment of 150 Words

The things that enable the survival of an organism in the natural surroundings of the earth are called the environment. The living-beings such as humans, plants, and animals are the main constituents of the environment.

The air, water, and land are known as non-living entities. Their functioning is outlined by nature in such a way that everything is sustained on one another. Of all the beings, the human being is the most dominant creature who can depend on all the natural resources of the earth.

Along with human, animals, and plants also need air to breathe. There will be no life on earth without air. It is only the human being who is responsible for the destruction of the environment.

The existence of all these organisms is dependent on their constant interaction with each other. Their functioning is organized by nature and can be destroyed once being squandered. Today, the degradation of the environment has become a significant issue to be tackled by human beings.

10 Lines On Environment In English

  1. For the existence of all living beings, a clean environment is essential.
  2. To reduce environmental pollution, People should prompt some laws.
  3. Policies should be made to minimize the activities that affect the environment by the government.
  4. One of the excellent sources for spreading the importance and awareness of the environment is Electronic media.
  5. Some laws should be raised against the use of plastic.
  6. Everyone should encourage others to use the products that can recycle.
  7. Each and everyone should give priority to the ‘save the environment and our planet’.
  8. People should promote the use of renewable sources of energy, like solar energy and wind energy.
  9. Everyone should reduce the usage of personal vehicles as much as possible and try to depend on public transport.
  10. Organic fertilizers and pesticides are beneficial for environment protection.

Frequently Asked Questions on Environment Essay

Question: What is the definition deforestation?

Answer:  Deforestation is the cutting of trees across the world for different uses like agricultural lands, construction, and urbanization, which negatively affects the natural environment.

Question: How is the environment being degraded by human beings?

Answer:  The primary cause of degradation is the misuse of natural resources by human beings from the natural environment. The need for humans has wiped out more than half of the woods around the world. As a consequence, natural disasters like floods have become common today.

Question: What are the natural resources that are used by humans?

Answer: The primary consumers of natural resources on planet earth are humans. They obtain food products and clothing from animals and plants.

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