Essay on Health is Wealth for Class 6

The value of health is crucial for each human on Earth. Many people have to suffer from diseases and get stuck with a not so good life for their entire life. If people had control over health, they would make sure that there are no issues.

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Short Essay on Health is Wealth of 100 Words

The well being of a person is the way which is more significant than the wealth they possess. People don’t recognize the phrase ‘health is wealth’ at a tender age when they abuse their body as they want to and expect that there would be zero consequences. The health effects start disturbing once they grow older.

Many problems in the body start showing up, and one has to suffer from a lot of pain. This pain and adverse effects of unhealthiness are not curated by money; therefore, it is proven that a person’s real wealth is having a healthy body and mind, which is to be earned by following a healthy lifestyle.

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Long Essay on Health is Wealth of 150 Words

“Health is wealth” is one of the most important phrases prevailing in almost every language in one way or another. And there is practically no one who will disagree with the words because, indeed, our health is one of the most important riches we possess. Once we expire or our heath loses its worth, the wealth in life will also mean nothing for us.

If adequate care is taken of our health, it can last for much time and help us when we become aged. To have a healthy state of body and mind, one must take proper care of it through regular exercising, eating healthy food, avoiding junk food and intoxication, etc. The crucial aspect of health makes it a real asset for us. If a family member starts with acceptable practices of taking care of their good health, it might also tempt others to join in better health.

10 Lines on The Essay on Health is Wealth in English

  1. A fit body is the one that is disease-free and active.
  2. There are many ways by which one can have fitness, among them running, exercising, maintaining a disciplined life, a healthy diet, etc., plays an important role.
  3. Health is a luxury that everyone can have easily.
  4. Being unhealthy will drain your money for paying the doctors, buying medicines, etc.
  5. . If you have good health, then one can earn their own riches.
  6. Being unhealthy physically will make one sad and unhappy, and being not well mentally will also affect physical health.
  7. Therefore the balance between physical and mental health must be maintained by all.
  8. If any health problems arise, then they should immediately seek professional advice regarding the issue.
  9. However, if you gain a lot of money, once your health is ruined entirely, there is no way you can make it better.
  10. Even our environment plays a crucial role in our health, so one should be worried about how much sunlight, air, pollution is in the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health is Wealth Essay

Question 1: The phrase ‘Health is wealth’ was drafted by whom?

Answer: The proverb ‘Health is wealth’ is very popular now, but Ralph Waldo Emerson first used it.

Question 2: What will happen, one chooses to lead an unhealthy lifestyle?

Answer: We all are aware that an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually fill the person with unhappiness, depression, anger, and sorrow. When they are too late to realize their mistake, they will regret not having a healthier lifestyle.

Question 3: Is there a World Health Day being celebrated?

Answer: The 7th day of April is commemorated as World Health Day.

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