Essay on Journey by Train for Class 3

One of the most efficient and extraordinary forms of transportation is the railway. Travelling by train once in a lifetime is a must. The memories gathered during a train journey are very precious and should be cherished. 

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Short Essay on Journey By Train of 100 Words in English

Every time we go to visit my maternal grandparents, we have to travel by train. Even though we travel on the local train, but the journey is almost two hours long. During the train journey, I see many vendors selling food and other daily use items. Sometimes my father buys me snacks from the vendors like chips or candies.

My mother bought a beautiful shawl from a vendor on the train and gifted it to granny. I always want to get the window seat so that I can look out and not get bored. Bus journeys are bumpy and make me tired. I like travelling by train because the journey is very smooth.

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Long Essay on Journey By Train of 150 Words in English

I remember our train journey to Assam last year during my summer vacations. I waited with my parents at the crowded station for the train to arrive. Soon a big train pulled in to the station around 4 pm, and the station master opened the gates for boarding.

I held onto my dad’s hand tightly till we found our bunks. My parents first stored the luggage and then seated. I grabbed the window seat and held onto my bag full of candies tightly. My sister played with me for a while, but then she got tired.

Since I was not tired because of the excitement, I looked out of the window and saw the train pass through many valleys. It was a moonlit night, and the wind through the window felt good. After a light dinner, I fell asleep. The light rocking of the train makes me very sleepy. We reached our destination the next morning and had a great trip, but the train journey will always remain very memorable.

10 Lines on Essay on Journey By Train in English

  1. You cannot imagine the pleasures of travelling for a trip on a train without ever being on a train.
  2. One of the most relaxed and convenient modes of transportation are the railway.
  3. I find journeys by train fascinating, especially with family.
  4. Vendors sell tasty snacks and treat like salted peanuts, candies and chocolate in train compartments.
  5. You can book your bunk on the train for sleeping at night while travelling far.
  6. Aeroplanes might be fast, but you get to enjoy the view best while travelling on a train.
  7. Train journeys are highly enjoyable.
  8. During office hours the local trains and the platforms are very crowded.
  9. You should never travel on a train without a valid ticket.
  10. It would be best if you take care of your belongings while travelling on a train or in any other mode of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Journey by Train Essay

Question: How is travelling by train better than travelling by air?

Answer: Even though travelling by air is faster, but travelling by train is more comfortable and cheaper. Unlike airways, your views while travelling on a train will not be dull, and you will be able to look at the scenery throughout the journey.

Question: In India, what is the approximate cost of a solo train journey?

Answer:  The cost of the train journey for solo travellers in India ranges from Rs700 to Rs1500.

Question: Where to buy train tickets from?

Answer: You can buy train tickets from the railway ticket counters as well as from the official government railway website online.

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