Essay on Library for Class 6

A place that stores informative materials and many various books for public use is called a library. People can visit a library and read books or can borrow books for some time from the library. Libraries are administered and managed by the government, schools and colleges/universities.  

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘Library’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on Library of 100 Words in English

My school has a big library, and in it, there are millions of books of various types. Till Class 4, we were only allowed to borrow books from the junior library section. However, since last year I started borrowing from the senior section books of the library.

Having a library in school has encouraged students to grow the interest and habit of reading. Every time we issue or borrow a book from our school library, our school librarian keeps a record of it. Everyone is given a due date of a week while borrowing a library. However, the time of returning a book can be extended by renewal.

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Long Essay on Library of 150 Words in English

Libraries are some of the greatest possessions of the community and society. Libraries have a vital role in our life by providing people with reliable content. Libraries encourage people to read and enhance the process of grasping knowledge or learning.

People who like reading are often found sitting in the library very often and are given the nickname of book-worms. It is incredible to see the wide-ranging, a variety of informative materials, especially books, which a library contains.

Libraries are very important for students because it is from where students can refer or borrow educational materials which are rare and expensive. Library also teaches us to respect others by keeping quiet, and since the ambience in libraries is silent; hence it helps readers concentrate better.

Not every individual has enough money to buy books always, but it doesn’t mean that they should be denied knowledge or information. Hence libraries are beneficial for the overall development of the society by providing knowledge to every individual.

10 Lines on Library in English

  1. To borrow books from a public library one should issue a library membership card.
  2. Recently many libraries are becoming digital, and people can access the books for free using the internet.
  3. Anyone can borrow physical books present in the library by issuing.
  4. Almost every library has a limit on the number of books that a person can borrow at a time.
  5. When the returning date of the book is not met, and one is late, they might have to pay a late fee to the library.
  6. Since many libraries are very old, hence their architecture must be preserved by proper maintenance.
  7. One can find books, journals, newspaper, etc., from all over the world in a reputed big library.
  8. Grown-ups should always check the presence of an active library before admitting their ward to a school.
  9. A library is the only place that can quench a real reader’s thirst for knowledge.
  10. The number of readers in the libraries has reduced with the introduction and popularity of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions on Library Essay

Question: What kind of books should a library contain?

Answer: A library should have a vast range of book collection and which should be of several genres like fiction, non-fiction, adventure, mystery, poetry, plays, comedies, tragedy, etc.

Question: Name the biggest library in the world.

Answer: The Library of Congress located in Washington, D.C, USA.

Question: Name the oldest library known. 

Answer: The Library of Ashurbanipal, located in modern-day Iraq.

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