Essay on Lotus Flower for Class 2

This essay will help kids to express their thoughts about the importance and popularity of the National flower of India, Lotus. By presenting this essay on the lotus flower for children of 2nd grade will be beneficial in expanding their thinking capacity, their creative skill and improve their English writing skills too.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘Lotus Flower’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on Lotus Flower of 100 Words

Lotus is a beautiful flower. The Lotus flower is the National flower of India. It stands for truth, knowledge and wealth. It is seen in different colours, but pink is the most common one.

Lotus flower is an aquatic flower. It grows in muddy waters of shallow freshwater ponds and lakes. The petals of Lotus looks lovely and feels soft. The petals have a waxy texture.

Lotus is widely used in Indian art and architecture. It is used in Indian temples to offer to god while praying or worship. It found in South-East Asian countries. Lotus is also called as ‘Kamal’ in Hindi.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on Lotus Flower of 150 Words

Lotus is the National Flower of India. This flower is a symbol of knowledge and purity. It is considered holy and is used in temples for religious purposes. It is a sacred flower to Hindus. It can be seen with the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

The flower is offered many religious rituals in temples. Lotus is mentioned in the Buddhist religion. There, Lotus is said to be the symbol of purity. The Lotus flower can be white, light pink, red and blue with boat-shaped petals. The leaves of this flower are big and dark green. The stem of this flower is very thick, and it has a glowing yellow centre.

In some places, these leaves are also used to wrap food. The Lotus roots, seeds, leaves, and stems are all edible. It is an aquatic flower with round, flat leaves floating on the water. Lotus grows in freshwater lakes and shallow ponds. This is a beautiful flower which has an appealing fragrance and colour.

10 Lines on Lotus Flower in English

  1. The lotus flower is known as the National Flower of India.
  2. This flower signifies beauty, purity and knowledge.
  3. Lotus is an aquatic flower with boat-shaped leaves floating on the muddy water.
  4. This flower grows in freshwater lakes and shallow ponds.
  5. It is a beautiful flower with an appealing fragrance, colour and appearance.
  6. The flower is usually white or light pink, and it can be red or blue too.
  7. The leaves of a lotus flower are huge, flat and dark green.
  8. Lotus’s stem is very thick, and it has a glowing yellow centre.
  9. This flower is considered holy and is often used in temples for religious purposes.
  10. This flower is also used as decoration in temples and marriage functions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lotus Flower

Question: Where does the Lotus flower grow in nature?

Answer – Lotus plants grow in many different countries, such as India, China, Vietnam, Australia and the USA. Lotuses will thrive in most areas with warm summer temperatures, but they don’t do well with large temperatures fluctuations.

Question: How many colour variants of Lotus flower occurs in nature?

Answer – Flower lotuses have various types of patterns (few-petal, semi-double petal, double petal, heavy petal and multiple petals) and colours (pink, scarlet, white, and blue).

Question: What are some uses of Lotus flower?

Answer – The flowers, seed, leaves, and parts of the underground stem are used to make medicines. Lotus flowers are used to stop minor bleeding injuries. Lotus seeds are beneficial to cure disorders of the digestive tract, including diarrhoea. The Lotus fragrance is used in the preparation of perfumes, soaps and oils.

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