Essay on My Mother for Class 5

Mothers are one of the most important and special person in everybody’s life. She is often considered as the most precious gift from God. A child comes to this planet, only because of her. She always strives to keep us safe. She is not only a parent but also a friend, guide mentor and teacher.

We are providing two essay samples of class 3 on the topic of ‘My Mother’ for reference.

My Mother Short Essay of 100 Words

My mother is one of the most important person’s in my life. She is a powerful woman, and I have always looked up to her. She is the symbol of love, truth, and honesty. She is the woman I adore to most.

My mother is a housewife; however, she also owns a small business of baking. She is a fantastic cook and can make multiple cuisines. She always cooks delicious dishes for our family and me.

Every morning my mother wakes up before me. She packs my lunch and makes me breakfast. My mother takes of the entire family, and she is the pillar of our family.

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My Mother Long Essay of 150 Words

My mother is my best friend. She is not only there for me when I need her, but also my secret keeper. My mother is a beautiful person, and she manages the entire family and me all by self.

My mother is the pillar of strength for my father. She is the one who keeps in mind and takes care of the needs of my grandparents. She never fails to astonish me as to how easily she does all of it.

My mother is a wonderful human and is always there for other people. She is the head of a social service team in our locality, and she is always there helping the people in need.

My mother was my first teacher in life. She is the one who has taught me all of my values and virtues. No matter what happens, she always stays strong and faces the situation. My mother is my hero.

10 Lines on My Mother in English

  1. A mother brings the family together and turns a house into a beautiful home.
  2. My mother is my idol and a symbol of love, compassion and care.
  3. I admire my mother and hope I can become a person like her one day.
  4. My mother is one of the best storytellers, and she always has a bunch of stories to narrate.
  5. My mother supports and encourages me, but she also corrects me when I go wrong.
  6. My mother is beautiful and looks very pretty even when she doesn’t dress up.
  7. My mother is a hardworking woman who manages work and home at the same time without complaining for even once.
  8. My mother supports all my dreams and gives me the freedom to be whatever I want to be when I grow up.
  9. I am emotionally attached to my mother.
  10. My mother is my inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Mother Essay

Question: Why our mothers so important in our lives? 

Answer: Mothers are the ones who give birth to us. Without her, we wouldn’t have been on this planet. She helps us grow up and become the person who we become in the future.

Question: Why is mother considered a gift from God?

Answer: This is because mothers love us unconditionally and are there for us no matter what. No matter how many times we go wrong we make in life and how angry our mothers are at us, she will still love us the most. No one can love us as unconditionally as our mothers.

Question: How does a mother sacrifice for her children?

Answer: A mother always compromises on her own need to meet her kid’s needs.

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