Essay on My Teacher for Class 2

A teacher is a person who helps people learn things by imparting knowledge, values, and virtues. A teacher plays an important role in one’s life. A teacher often works in a school and is present in a classroom. But a teacher can also be a guardian, guru, learning instructor, guide, or mentor. A teacher is an inspiration for her students.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My Teacher’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Teacher Of 100 Words

My teacher’s name is Miss SomaniBasu. She is my class teacher and also my favourite teacher. She teaches us Maths and Science, and she is a very good teacher.

Miss Basu is very kind and helpful. She has always helped me whenever I am in any problem. She comes to class every morning and takes our attendance. Miss Basu is a very strict teacher. She gets angry when we don’t submit homework on time.

Miss Basu is also a great dancer. On children’s day, she danced for all of us. We enjoyed it a lot. I told her that she is a very nice dancer. Miss Basu then hugged me. During free classes, she tells us stories.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Teacher Of 150 Words

Miss Basu is a very good teacher. Whenever I have any doubt about my studies, she helps me with it. She always helps all her students and wants them to improve. Miss Basu tells stories about her school days. Those stories are very funny and interesting.

She is very beautiful. Every day when I go to school, I bring her a flower from our garden at home. She smiles at me and says thank you. She always put the flower in her hair. It makes me very happy.

On my birthday, she wished me and kissed me on my cheek. I gave chocolates to all my friends on that day, and she helped me.

At the parent-teacher meeting, she told my mother that I am a good student. When I go wrong in my studies, she always corrects me. She asks us what we want to be when we grow up. Miss Basu always tells us that we all should become good human beings.

10 Lines on My Teacher In English

  1. My teacher helps me understand the subject better.
  2. A teacher is a person who helps in shaping a good human.
  3. Our parents are our life’s first teacher.
  4. Our teacher tells us stories sometimes, and we all enjoy them a lot.
  5. I love my teacher; she is a very nice person.
  6. I thank God for giving all of us such a nice and kind teacher.
  7. On special days she brings us chocolates and cake.
  8. My teacher has taught me about numbers and also taught me to add them.
  9. She is strict but a lovely person.
  10. A good teacher helps us in learning the subject and makes it fun to study.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Teacher

Question: Who is a good teacher?

Answer: A good teacher is someone who not only teaches well but also understands their problems and helps her students. A good teacher is strict when her students don’t follow her instructions. Other than that, she is kind to her students.

Question: Where do teachers work?

Answer: Teachers usually work in the school in a classroom. However, other teachers work in different places such as – mentor, professor, instructor, guru, guide, and guardian.

Question: Is it nice to have a good teacher?

Answer: Yes, it is always nice to have a good teacher. A teacher plays a very vital role in one’s life and helps them shape themselves to become a better person.

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