Essay on Pollution for Class 4

Every time any harmful substance is included in the atmosphere it is referred to as pollution. It can turn the entire environment bad or sometimes damaging. There is a total of five variety of pollution such as noise, air, water, thermal, and soil pollution. Besides, with the growing rate of pollution, the methods to prevent it have also increased.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Pollution’ for reference.

Short Essay on Pollution of 100 Words

The quality of life is extremely affected by pollution. Pollution is known to work in a way which is difficult to understand through naked eyes alone. However, pollution is present everywhere in the atmosphere.

For example, it is impossible for one to see any type of natural gasses through naked eyes in the atmosphere. In the same way, the pollutants that are drastically increasing and ruining the quality of air and environment are damaging for every living being.

Besides, these pollutants can also result in the drastic growth of the carbon dioxide which then increases global warming. Moreover, each day the quantity of pollutants present in the water is rising due to the wastes from industrial sectors.

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Long Essay on Pollution of 150 Words

Pollutants can tend to be critically harmful for all living being. Therefore, one must know the methods to avoid or reduce the spread of pollution. In order to decrease the pollution level, public transport can be utilised by the people to eliminate the smoke that originates from vehicles.

Moreover, people can also prevent using firecrackers in any celebration or festivals. As it will be helpful for eliminating both noise and air pollution. In addition, frequent recycling can also be helpful for entire environment.

People should also plant a greater number of trees since it will be useful for absorbing the gases that are harmful for the environment. The government can also take a step by reducing the amount of fertilizers that is being used.

So, each type of pollutants is damaging and hazardous and often lead to deadly consequences. Therefore, it is essential for every individual to attempt at adopting the methods to prevent the increase of pollution further.

10 Lines on Pollution in English

  1. Pollution is classified as the harm done to environment as well as life.
  2. Pollution is caused by humans and is thus, man-made activity.
  3. Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil Pollution, Water Pollution are some of the types of pollutions.
  4. The harmful gases emitted by vehicles as well as factories accounts for air pollution.
  5. Sewage system and industrial waste from factories such as chemical factories are major accelerants for water pollution.
  6. The sound coming from various means of transport is one of the main causes of noise pollution.
  7. Respiratory infection, allergy, skin problems can be caused due to air pollution.
  8. Keeping your surrounding green and proper disposal of waste helps to keep pollution at bay.
  9. Plastic pollution is the major cause of degrading ocean health.
  10. The waste that comes from nuclear based plant is termed as radio-active pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pollution Essay

Question. In what ways is the air polluted by the automobiles?

Answer. There are combustion engines present inside engines which makes use of both petrol and diesel. Diesel and petrol combustion can easily cause emission which leads to the formation of many types of polluting gasses.

Question. What can you understand by ozone layer?

Answer. The protective layer that is present in our atmosphere is known as ozone layer. This layer is severely affected by the increasing amount of pollutants in the environment.

Question. What is the proper definition of acid rain?

Answer. Acid rain is typically created with the combination of sulphur and nitrogen oxides with rainwater.

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