Essay on Rainy Season in English For Class 5

Rainy Season or monsoon is the season categorized by heavy showers and pleasant weather. India, being an agricultural economy, heavily depends on the Rainy Season to provide enough irrigation for crops to grow. Rains bring a sense of calmness and tranquillity with them and replenish Mother Nature in manifoldways.

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Short Essay On Rainy Season Of 100 Words

The Rainy Season, the most joyful of them all. Placidity like the summers and cool breeze like the winters. An easing time to spend with the loved ones, enjoying the scent of showers while sipping on hot tea is the climax of the day. From peacocks swaying in the rain to jumping in mud puddles, this season has all of it.

Coming home soaked and with clothes full of dirt, a warm shower relaxes the body and gets it ready to enjoy the next rainfall. Dispersing droplets of water falling from the sky bring moments of joy to everyone’s face. From a young child to an aged man, this season is for enjoyment for these are the memories that people adore throughout their lives.

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Long Essay On Rainy Season Of 150 Words

The Rainy Season is also well-known as the monsoon season which occurs at the end of June and continues up till  September. It comes after the end of the blazing summer season. It’s the time when the rainfall takes place; the sky is generally overcast throughout the rainy season. The rivers and lakes that have lost water through rapid evaporation due to the heat replenish.

The rain showers bring much comfort to men and animals. The rain cools down the air, and the temperature rapidly drops, making the weather extremely pleasing. There is more greenery around us during the monsoon season as flora and fauna grow.  Optimal rainfall is vital for crop cultivation.

However, excess rainfall, characterized by heavy showers destroys crops and sometimes leads to loss of lives. Uncontrollable rain can cause floods and river as water levels surge drastically. During this season of rain, we get the chance to have many delicious fruits like litchi, peaches, and Pomegranates. These fruits are known to boost our immunity and taste good. Diseases and infections are commonly interlinked with this season as stagnant rainwater provides a breeding ground for various conditions like dengue and malaria.

10 Lines on The Essay On Rainy Season in English

  1. The rain is a sure blessing.
  2. It adds beauty to our nature.
  3. Everything looks best and gorgeous.
  4. The rainy season is a mood changer factor.
  5. The rainy season is the beautiful and well-loved season.
  6. It comes immediately after summer, also known as monsoon season.
  7. This season brings rain which cleanses our environment from the dreadful grasp of pollution.
  8. In this season due to rain Rivers, lakes, ponds filled and level of river stream is also increases, which makes enough water for all resources.
  9. This season is also called the season of fertility.
  10. On the other hand, due to heavy rain, Flood may come, which causes a lot of damage to the affected area’s economy and life.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rainy Season Essay

Question: What do you mean by the term monsoon?

Answer: the term monsoon procures from the Arabic word “Mausam” which means season.

Question: When does monsoon occur?

Answer: Monsoon occurs under the influence of south-east monsoon winds. In India, it is prevalent from July till September.

Question: What are the advantages of monsoon?

Answer: The rain cools the air and the temperature drops making the weather extremely pleasing. There is more greenery around nature during this season as flora and fauna grow. Optimal rainfall is crucial for crop cultivation.

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