Essay on Television for Class 5

One of the most popular devices in our home is television. This device is a source of entertainment. It is a common appliance that can be found in almost every other house.

People sometimes call television the ‘idiot box’. Nowadays, television also gives us worldwide information and not merely entertainment.

We are providing two essay samples for class 5 students on the topic ‘Television’ for reference.

Short Essay on Television of 100 Words

In television, we can watch several types of programs. These programs can be entertainment or news and even cartoons. There are many channels on television which broadcast with varied specialities.

Many people think of television as a harmful device. They have nicknamed it the ‘idiot box’. This is because most kids spend their time glued to it. This is harmful to their eyes and studies too. It is not wise to watch television for more than two hours a day.

But watching television has other benefits too. These affordable devices give access to worldwide information. Many educational programs are telecasted on the channels which are suitable for children.

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Long Essay on Television of 150 Words

Television is a device that comes with numerous channels and programs. Some programs are motivational, which helps children to develop new skills. Other programs are informative and educational, which help kids to learn.

Television is nothing less than a boon to the modern world. Numerous films, shows, speeches, drama are telecasted through it for the whole world—many news channels broadcast information, like policies of the government, or sports happenings.

Not only in houses, but televisions are kept in familiar places too. Several schools make use of television to preach educative programs to the students. It is thus a form of mass media also.

The governments provide free television sets to the people living in villages. These people gather in front of the television sets in public places. They can watch movies and programs of their choice.

Some disadvantages that come with television are that they waste time for many people. They cause harm to one’s eyesight too.

10 Lines on Television in English

  1. John Logie Baird invented the first-ever television.
  2. Television comes from two words, tele and vision.
  3. Tele means far while vision means to see.
  4. Television is a box made of plastic and an in-built machine
  5. In the earlier days, television was black and white
  6. Today we can find numerous colour television sets.
  7. LCD and LED television sets are very popular.
  8. Now television comes with remote control.
  9. Informative programs like national geographic are telecasted through television.
  10. The moderate use of television is healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Television Essay

Question: Why is television important?

Answer: Television is one of the essential media in today’s world. It contributes much to educating society. Television helps in raising awareness of the people. Since many people are involved in stressful works, some affordable entertainment media is required. Television serves that purpose.

Question: Why should children watch limited television?

Answer: Watching too much television can harm the eyesight of children. It causes reduced vision, and sometimes blurry too. Kids who are more attached to television tend to stay indoors. This reduces physical activity, and kids tend to be overweight. Watching too much television also affects brain development in children.

Question: What type of programs can we watch on television?

Answer: There are several types of good programs that are telecasted on television. There are cartoons and animated series, movies, and series. Informative programs like documentaries on wildlife, or news channels are also available in various types of channels.

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