Essay On The Importance Of Reading For Class 6

Reading is a vital habit that everyone needs to develop in life. A good book can enlighten, inform and lead one in the right direction. A good book is a companion who is better than anything else. For an individual’s overall well-being, reading is very significant. Once a person starts to read, they can experience a whole new world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Importance Of Reading’ for reference.

Short Essay on Importance of Reading of 100 Words

The importance of reading in one’s life is shown by Francis Bacon’s quote “Reading makes a complete man”. Reading is an essential step to knowledge, though, it does not only mean reading at school or college as a portion of the syllabus.

One can come to learn about new things when they start reading. One can also learn about the ideas of others on different topics which widen their horizon. As a result, one’s ability to analyse and reason improves, and they become a better person. Books can lift one’s spirit when they are feeling low and guide us to a happy and useful life. So, reading is an essential aspect of one’s life.

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Long Essay on Importance of Reading of 150 Words

It is said that books are our one and loyal friend, because other friends may leave us and go, but what we read in books aids us in life in one way or other and books always stays with us.

When we read a book, we can easily find a solution to any problems, on many occasions. Books can easily entertain one if they are bored or any readily available information, which helps one for their projects or home tasks.

A person who reads is automatically smarter than the one who doesn’t read much. Reading a few pages everyday helps in the concentration, which is necessary for academic classes. A person can learn to analyse a situation, its source, and effects more effectively.

If a person develops reading habits and takes it seriously, it nurtures their imagination and craves for adventure. Reading is an excellent practice as it helps in building the personality of a person.

10 Lines on Importance of Reading in English

  1. As practice makes one perfect, children who read often and broadly get better at it.
  2. Reading toughens brain connections and builds new connections.
  3. If someone reads often, their concentration power also increases.
  4. Reading teaches children about the world surrounding them.
  5. One can quickly improve their language and vocabulary skills by reading.
  6. The imagination of young children develops a lot by reading.
  7. Reading helps an individual to build empathy.
  8. Reading is fun, and as a book is easy to carry anywhere, one can easily take it and read anywhere if they are bored.
  9. Reading is excellent means of spending time.
  10. Children who read daily can quickly achieve better scores in school.

Frequently Asked Questions on Importance of Reading

Question: Can reading be harmful to someone?

Answer: Reading is a beneficial task, but too much reading can also kill one’s brain’s productivity. If one is reading without deeper processing, there is not much benefit from it.

Question: What improves if one reads?

Answer: When one read, their memory and empathy both improves and also researches has shown that reading makes us feel more positive and better. 

Question: For how much time should one read per day?

Answer: An individual should read about fifteen to thirty minutes per day on an average.

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The importance of reading essay

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