Essay on Train for Class 3

Train is an important and fast way of transport communication. Train journeys are comfortable, and many people prefer to train journey over flight. Trains are now seen in every country. Trains usually are driven by engine along constructed railway tracks. Previously, steam engine trains were there but now electric and diesel driven trains are common.

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Short Essay on Train of 100 Words

Trains are transport vehicles consisting of an engine and some compartments. Trains are either driven by diesel or by electricity. The rail engine was first invented by George Stephenson and was later developed by James Watt. There are various types of trains for multiple purposes. The passenger train is used to transport passengers, and a goods train is used to carry goods.

A train has sixty to seventy compartments on an average and runs along the railway tracks, also called steel rails. Different trains have different travelling speeds. Express trains have the maximum speed which connects far off cities. Metro trains are also seen in modern cities for transportation.

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Long Essay on Train of 150 Words

Trains are the most common and useful forms of transport nowadays. People can easily travel by train, and the fare is affordable. Previously used steam engines are now replaced by electric driven trains for faster transportation. Trains consist of many compartments and travels along railway tracks. Trains are spacious and can accommodate many people.

Different compartment classes are there like first, second, and third-class air-conditioned, general, chair car, and unreserved. This classification is mainly done for different categories of people travelling by trains. There are trains for both long and short distances with varying speeds of travelling. Metro trains are prevalent in developed cities nowadays for inter-city transport.

Trains have many disadvantages too. The risk of collision is there, which might cause severe accidents. Also, there are cases of robbery and theft in trains. Passengers also face various problems from the local vendors at stations. Apart from all this, train journeys are comfortable and cheap.

10 Lines on Train in English

  1. The train is one of the most familiar forms of public transport.
  2. Trains are either driven by diesel or by electricity.
  3. It has a driving engine and many compartments.
  4. There are different types of trains according to the purpose needed.
  5. The compartments in the train are divided into different classes for ordinary people so that everyone can afford.
  6. There are trains of long and short distances.
  7. Express or high-speed trains have maximum speed and connect many faraway cities.
  8. Rail engine was first invented by George Stephenson and later modified by James Watt.
  9. Apart from national trains, there are metro rails in developed cities for transportation.
  10. A train journey is comfortable and, in most cases, preferred by people over flights.

Frequently Asked Questions on Train Essay

Question: What is a train driven by?

Answer: A train has an engine which is driven by diesel or electricity. Previously there were steam engines.

Question: Why do most people prefer train journey?

Answer: Most people prefer to journey by train because it is affordable and it can accommodate many people. Flights are costlier. Trains are fast and have accessible routes.

Question: What are the risks in a train journey?

Answer: Apart from the advantages, trains have disadvantages too. The ticket availability is a significant issue, and people often do not get tickets in the last moment for the desired date. There are risk factors like theft, robbery, the intrusion of vendors, etc. There is also a risk of collision of trains and faults in the railway tracks.

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