Grade 5 Up You Go! Worksheets

A. Given below are the pictures of few adventure activities. Identify and write the name of the activity:

Cycling, Mountaineering, River Crossing, Trekking, Ballooning, Parasailing

CBSE Class 5 EVS Up You Go Worksheets 1

B. Given below are few things which are required for mountaineering. Match the pictures with their names:

CBSE Class 5 EVS Up You Go Worksheets 2
(a) Helmet, (b) Sling (c) Pitons (d) Carabineer (e) Sleeping bag (f) Rucksack (g) Mittens (h) Hunter shoe
CBSE Class 5 EVS Up You Go Worksheets 3

C. Everyone likes to be a leader. Pick out and write the qualities that make a good and responsible leader:

Honesty, building good teams, taking responsibility, using force / authority, good communication, setting an example, take care of the needs of the team, blaming others, taking care of one’s own needs first, punishing others, complaining about others, feeling that you are greater/better than others, help others succeed.
CBSE Class 5 EVS Up You Go Worksheets 4

D. Encircle those of the following which you think are adventure sports:

Sailing a ship, Kabaddi, hang gliding, skipping, wind surfing, sky diving, bungee jumping, mountaineering, dropping down by a parachute, flying an airplane, rally racing, para sailing.

E. Sangeeta Arora faced many difficulties during her mountain trekking before winning an award. Read the chapter and list out at least 3 difficulties she faced and how she overcame them.

F. Mark the seven sisters on this map of north-eastern India. Write their names in correct spelling:

CBSE Class 5 EVS Up You Go Worksheets 5

Worksheets for Class 5 EVS

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