Grade 5 What If It Finishes? Worksheets

Read the following passage:
The Story of Oil:
Hello, I’m Oil. I want to tell you about myself. My scientific name is Petroleum. It comes from two Latin words – ’Petra’ and ’Oleum’ – which mean oil from rocks. Because that’s where I live. Millions of years ago, plants and animals died and were buried. As time went on, they were pushed deeper and deeper and deeper leading to a tremendous increase in pressure.

From this I was born. I’m not found everywhere. Earlier people could find me only if I visited the surface. Now, they spend billions of rupees and a lot of effort to dig deep into the earth, often also under the ocean, to bring me out.
CBSE Class 5 EVS What If It Finishes Worksheets 1
Then they take me to the refinery. There they clean me up and take me out in various forms such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, cooking gas, plastics, paints etc. You must be wondering why I’m given so much importance. That’s because without me cars, motorcycles, buses, train, planes, machines would all come to a stop.

Your mother may have to cook using wood. The world would become a much tougher and darker place to live in. The sad part is, even though so important, people keep on wasting me. They go for long trips in cars and scooters which are always not necessary. They speed around needlessly.
CBSE Class 5 EVS What If It Finishes Worksheets 2
They leave lights and fans on as if it were limitless. Ah! This makes me very sad. Because there is only so much of me. Very soon I won’t be anymore. I want to be a useful as I can; before I go away.

For this I need your help. Please keep your eyes and ears open and speak out if you see me being wasted. If you can I’ll stay here much longer as your friend.
CBSE Class 5 EVS What If It Finishes Worksheets 3

Now kiddies come on lets solve the quiz given below by choosing the correct answer:

1. Petroleum means ………….. .
(a) Water from rocks
(b) Oil from rocks
(c) Soap from rocks
2. From where do we get crude oil?
(a) From living plants
(b) From under the earth
(c) From coal
3. After petroleum is taken from the ground it is sent to the …………… for cleaning.
(a) factory
(b) petrol pump
(c) refinery
4. Our limited supply of oils should be conserved or used without wastage because: ……………………….
(a) We need it to manufacture nuclear weapons.
(b) It is very vital for our existenceand our future depends on it.
(c) It can be turned into gold by our scientist.
5. It is very important to conserve or save oil because …………………..
(a) Oil is a dangerous substance.
(b) Our scientist want to find new uses for it.
(c) Oil isn’t going to last forever and we must use it without wasting it.
6. How people waste oil?
7. We get many things from crude oil. Tick (✓)the things which we get from crude oil:
(a) Kerosene
(c) Plastic
(d) Fire crackers
(f) Plastics
8. Why petroleum is so important?

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