Grandparents Rhymes


We have provided here very simple and meaningful rhymes on the grandparents for the nursery class kids. All the grandparents rhymes are written using very easy rhyming words so that nursery class kids may easily learn and recite in front of their class teacher. Kids can recite grandparents rhymes on the occasions like family function, in the school, birthday of grandparents, etc.

Tips for Moms:

Here we have given some nice tips for the dear moms of sweet kids so that they may get some help while teaching rhymes to their kids. Grandparents rhymes can be more interesting if we use grandparents costume, eye glasses, supporting stick in the hand, required facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics. Such activities will amazingly draw the kids mind and make learning process easy.

Never ignore your grandparents

My mamma ever says,

Never ignore your grandparents,

They are real beauty of your home,

They always accompany,

When you go out of home.


My grandparents are very loving

My grandparents are very loving,

They don’t like ever moving,

But they really like guests coming,

And also like our school going.


My grandparents love bunny rabbits

My grandparents love bunny rabbits,

They teaches us good habits,

They behave well to other,

And respect to my mother.


My grandparents like to walk

My grandparents like to walk in early morning,

They like nice gathering in the evening,

They want to see TV in the afternoon,

And they love to see night moon.


My grandparents oppose cutting tree

My grandparents oppose cutting tree,

My parents always want their agree,

They give them always respect,

In the every possible aspect.


My grandparents are very joking

My grandparents are very joking

But they become very shocking,

When they see us misbehaving.


My grandparents are very old

My grandparents are very old,

But they still really bold,

They never get tired climbing ladders,

They get my father in his toddler.


My grandparents tell to make friends

My grandparents always says,

Never go quarrel anyways,

He tells me to make friends,

And never let them go offend.


My grandparents like healthy food

My grandparents like healthy food,

And always dislike spicy food,

They always like neighbourhood,

But, first of all their parenthood.


My father house has grandparents

I have a nice micky-mouse

And I like my father house,

My micky-mouse has no torment,

But my father house has grandparents.


My grandparents are very old

My grandparents are very old,

But I think they are shining gold,

They always try to make me mold,

And I also want to be bold.

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