Honesty is The Best Policy Essay for Class 5

Honesty implies being truthful. It means to develop and learn the art of speaking truth throughout one’s lifetime. A person who practices honesty in his or her life develops a strong moral character. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is a famous phrase that is true to life. Honesty makes you confident and builds up your self-esteem.

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Short Essay on Honesty is The Best Policy of 100 Words

A crucial part of one’s moral development is honesty. It helps you to develop a good relationship and friendship based on trust. Honesty helps to cultivate good qualities such as discipline, kindness, truthfulness, and more. Lying, cheating, deception, greed, and other Immoral characteristics are not a part of honesty.

An honest person is trustworthy because he always tries to tell the truth. Being honest provides a person with mental peace and also nourishes their lives in many ways. A person with good moral ethics like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and straightforwardness is appreciated and liked by the people in our society.

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Long Essay on Honesty is The Best Policy of 150 Words

Honesty is the best policy and refers to the value importance of being honest in life. We have been taught many moral values since childhood. One of them is that we should always be truthful. It ensures the absence of Immoral characters and builds a strong foundation from the very beginning.

Honesty is like a weapon that benefits us through many advantages, and it can be developed naturally without any cost. Honesty gives us the best result, whereas a single lie can ruin our lives and relationships. Telling lies only saves the situation momentarily, and for most of the time makes it worse.

There are many bad and good life situations, but telling the truth to our near and dear ones give us relief and happiness. Sometimes being completely honest is challenging, yet it is easier than being untruthful. This essentially means one must stay moral and ethical on every occasion.

10 Lines on Honesty is The Best Policy in English

  1. Honesty refers to the quality of being faithful, truthful, genuine, and sincere.
  2. Honesty teaches you to stand up for what is real and right.
  3. Honesty helps in building strong relationships among individuals and ensures mental peace and happiness in the future.
  4. Benjamin Franklin was the first person who coined the phrase ‘ honesty is the best policy’ and described the requirement of honesty in everyone’s life.
  5. Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people.
  6. Honesty gives us the strength and ability to do the right things in difficult times of our life.
  7. Honesty gives us a favourable opinion of life and the people around us.
  8. It is seen that an honest person can easily overcome feelings like fatigue, frustration, anxiety, or depression as compared to dishonest people.
  9. An honest person takes responsibility for their mistakes without fear.
  10. Being honest builds up your confidence and prevents you from being underestimated by others.

Frequently Asked Questions on Honesty is The Best Policy Essay

Question: What is the benefit of being honest?

Answer: Everyone trusts an honest person. There is a chance of changing your as well as someone else’s life with honesty. By being honest with everyone, you will be free from anxiety, stress, and concern. Genuine people are respected in their society and are the happiest in the world.

Question: Why is honesty known as the best policy?

Answer: Honesty is the best trait of human character. It is essential to lead a happy life. It shows the commitment and trust between relationships and behaviours among people. Being honest broadens your mind, makes you self-aware, and helps you live a life free of guilt.

Question: What are the qualities of an honest person?

Answer: An honest person always tells the truth no matter what the consequences may be. They admit whenever they are wrong about anything and never cheat or steal. They keep their promises and encourage other people to be truthful.

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