How Aroma Acts As A Therapy

How Aroma Acts As A Therapy

In some cases, selective perfumes work as a subtle supporter when one feels depressed. Thus, aromatherapy is a science that has proved to be extremely helpful in handling certain disorders in human beings. Vedic Vastu also works on a parallel doctrine that advocates the energy vibrations of a concrete building structure which can be easily handled with the help of aroma.

When aromatherapy works for the welfare of human beings to tackle various physical and psychological disorders, the same therapy has strength to alter the vibrations inside a house. This action ¡s so slow in its nature that one cannot observe a drastic change instantly, but it has the capacity to bring about long-term changes in the vibrations of a place.

Have you ever realised why dhoop or agarbathi (incense sticks) are used in prayer in almost all religions worldwide? Have you ever thought what invisible changes may come about in our disposition when we wear a perfume? Also, we may be fascinated with a particular perfume for few days, weeks or months, but suddenly this same aroma may start irritating us. The answer lies in the strong impact of aromas on our mood, behaviour and of course on confidence.

Aroma has multiple roles to play in our life. According to Vedic Vastu, a humans physiology and building biology ¡s interrelated. When we talk about Vastu, an intelligent implementation of using aromas is an old and useful method to tackle various Vastu flaws in the home. Curing Vastu defects with aroma is an easy method through which the energies may be controlled, directed, boosted or diverted easily. But the effect of aromas on people may be spiritual, pleasing, romantic, artistic, lethargic, enthusiastic or irritating.

How To Enhance Positive Energy

Few essential oils and fragrances like sandalwood and cedarwood are very useful in providing subtle support, when one is worried due to unknown reasons. They have calming effects and help in reducing anxiety. Hence, it’s vital to choose the right perfume to tackle a mood disorder. Also, never use a scent that you dislike even a bit, or which you find irritating. Further, remember that a particular aroma may seem to be pleasant for one person, but irksome for others.

The aroma of jasmine helps in the free flow of energy vibes and decongests the interiors, It adds up to dissipate suffocated vibrations and may also bring one out, from temporary depressio, as it is very useful in elevating the mood.

Rose is useful in cleansing stagnated energy. Use few rose flowers near the entrance area, or spray some rose room fresheners in the foyer. It will brighten your mood and also the mood of others entering the area.

The Positive Vibes From Plants And Flowers

Grow beautiful flowers and plants in your neighbourhood as, during the winters, they do not need any special care. You may also boost your energy with marigold flowers, as it is used in preparing few Ayurvedic medicines. Marigold flowers enhances positive vibes and acts as a strong natural insect repellent. That is why since time immemorial, guests, leaders, religious gurus and other important persons are offered garlands made of marigold flowers, It also works as a shield and protects against harmful insects, mosquitoes or bacteria. Though its smell may not be appealing to everyone, it may also protect your home against nematodes. It is also good to grow refreshing peppermint and coriander plants in the kitchen garden or on balconies.

Avoid Negative Smells And Clean Dirty Areas

Always beware of negative smells. Keep the washroom door shut and keep the toilet seat always covered with the lid. Keep an eye on objects which may feel to be negative like chemicals, artificial repellents, medicines and rotten eatables. Also, try to keep the kitchen area clean and rinse the used utensils before closing the kitchen.

Use lemon and similar natural cleansing agents while mopping the floor. Stay away from the toxic smell arising due to burning of chemicals, plastic, fibres, foams etc. Do not use artificial or synthetic insect repellents. Keeping the interiors clean certainly helps remove the blockages of energy. Hence, nurture a habit to clean grime and frequently de-clutter the unattended or ignored dark areas of your home.

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