Importance of Trees Essay for Class 3

Trees are an essential element of nature. Without trees, no living being can sustain their lives. Trees give us fresh air to breathe. Trees also provide us with food to eat and shelter from sunlight. Trees also form a safe habitat for many wild creatures. Trees make the world a more beautiful and better place to live in.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Importance of Trees’ for reference.

Short Essay on Importance of Trees of 100 Words

Trees are the reason why life is present on planet earth. Trees give out oxygen which we living beings inhale by taking in the carbon dioxide which we exhale.

Sometimes carbon dioxide is also given out by many human activities like cars, factories etc. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Trees help in keeping the environment clean.

Trees shelter us from the rain and sunlight. They also are the home for many wild animals. Trees give us wood which is needed for making houses and furniture. We should all grow and save trees. Without trees, life cannot be sustained on earth.

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Long Essay on Importance of Trees of 150 Words

Trees are like the lungs of the planet earth. They are vital for keeping the mother earth healthy. Trees play an essential role in the existence of living beings. Trees consume carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for breathing for all living beings.

Trees are also a source of food. Many herbivores and human beings are dependent on trees for as they provide food, fruits and vegetables. We also get medicines, wood, timber, gum, fire, latex, rubber and many more things from trees. Trees make nature look beautiful and relaxing. Trees also provide us with paper.

Trees also help in fighting soil, air and water pollution. The only way we can help in saving the planet from global warming is by planting and protecting trees. We must prevent trees from being cut. Without trees and everything that they provide us with, it will become impossible to live on planet earth.

 10 Lines on Importance of Trees In English

  1. Trees are a vital part of the planet earth.
  2. All living beings are dependent on trees directly or indirectly.
  3. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from and give out oxygen, without oxygen living beings cannot sustain their lives.
  4. Trees help in keeping the environment cool by maintaining the temperature and bringing in the rain.
  5. Trees give us many medicines that are used in curing diseases.
  6. The wood from trees is used in making furniture, house and paper.
  7. The fruits and vegetables coming from trees are a source of food for many living beings.
  8. We cannot live without trees – which is why we should always protect trees and plant as many as possible.
  9. Trees in forests are home to thousands of wild creatures.
  10. There are many varieties of trees; each country has different types of plants and trees according to their climate.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Importance of Trees

Question: Why are trees important? 

Answer: Trees are the longest living organism on the planet and also one of the Earth’s most incredible natural resources. Apart from proving oxygen, they help in preventing soil, water, and air pollution. They provide food, building material, provide shade, and also make the earth look beautiful.

Question: Why should we save trees?

Answer: Trees are one of nature’s most important assets. Without trees, it will be impossible to sustain life on earth.

Question: How to save trees?

Answer: Plant as many trees as possible, reduce the usage of paper, water the saplings every day, and create awareness among people about the dangers related to the cutting of trees.

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