Independence Day Essay For Class 3

Independence d is an important day for us, Indians. Every year 15th august is celebrated as Independence day in India. India claimed its independence on 15th August in the year 1947. It is a national holiday in India. It is celebrated all over the country. People celebrate this day with great joy.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Independence Day’ for reference.

 Short Essay on Independence Day of 100 Words

India’s independence as a nation came after many blood and sweat. Many people had to sacrifice their life for achieving it. Every year we honour these people on 15th August. We achieved this day through hard struggle.

Every school celebrate this occasion. Children go to their school in the morning. A ceremony is held there. In this day, we remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. Sweets are distributed after the ceremony.

It is celebrated in every state capital of our country. We hoist the national flag on this day. After that, we sing our national song. We feel very proud as Indians.

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 Long Essay On Independence Day Of 150 Words

Our country was under British rule for some time. We fought for our country’s freedom. On the day of 15th August 1947, we got our freedom. That is why 15th august is our independence day. This day reminds us of many sacrifices.

The prime minister raises the national flag on this occasion every year. Many patriotic songs are heard on this day. Patriotic functions are shown on television. People enjoy this day by staying at home.

Every streets and building are decorated with the national flag. The national ceremony is held in the Red Fort. People of all ages gather near the Red Fort in the morning. The prime minister addresses the audience after the ceremony.

The Independence Day reminds us of how our freedom was earned.We should walk on the path of our freedom fighters. It inspires us to move forward. It inspires us to make our country proud.

10 Lines on Independence Day in English

  1. Independence Day is celebrated in every part of the country.
  2. This day unites people from different caste, sex and age.
  3. Countless lives were given to gain our country’s freedom.
  4. On this day, a national parade is held at the Red Fort area in Delhi.
  5. Children and adults hoist the tricolour flag of our country on this day.
  6. Every educational institute celebrates this day with great enthusiasm.
  7. Our armed forces display extraordinary gun-skills on this day.
  8. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted our national flag for the first time in Delhi.
  9. Many army officials join the national event on this day.
  10. We should always remember our past through Independence Day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Independence Day Essay

Question: What is the importance of Independence Day in India?

Answer: The Independence Day has great importance in India. On this day, we celebrate our glorious past with great joy and pride. India is a country of diversity. There are many different religion, casts, languages, cultures in our country.

Question: How is Independence Day celebrated in India?

Answer: We all unite together and celebrate our independence on 15th August every year. The prime minister gives a speech to remind us of our freedom fighters. This day is a national holiday for everyone in India. Students go to school to hoist the national flag in the morning.

Question: How should we celebrate the Independence Day?

Answer: As Indians, we should all hoist the national flag. Many blood donation camps are organized on this day. Adults should participate in these camps. Overall,we should never forget the efforts of our freedom fighters.

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