Leave Fear Behind!

Leave Fear Behind!

If we let it engulf us, fear will rule us and ¡n almost all cases, ills something that we choose over all our other impulses. We start recognizing the feeling of fear right from childhood itself, due to the convincing and judicious advice we get from of our primary family members who strive to guide and protect us.

The Fear In Us

Right through our growing years, we’ve all heard suggestions like ‘be careful, you might get hurt,’ ‘be careful, you don’t know what could happen’ etc. These suggestions create a thought process in us to be very cautious of what we do and stop us from getting to be more adventurous. In a way, we begin to doubt ourselves, without allowing our freedom to explore different options.

So primarily, fear is instilled in us, as a motive to avoid physical harm during our childhood. However, instead of limiting its influence to just physical harm, we utilize this impulse and use it like an emotional crutch on which we get dependent.

Also, the fearful feeling that we experience in our life results from our dependence to be in our emotional comfort zone. This is because, we are scared of failure, rejection, and criticism. So in our bid to avoid these assumed negativities, we restrict our behaviour, propelled by self-protection. We also limit our capabilities and in the bargain don’t get to be open and strong.

When we are fearful, we are not interested in anything. We become vulnerable and lonely and try different options to escape from this feeling, rather than think dearly ¡n order to find a way to face the fear and conquer it. Besides, fear sometimes engulfs some in such a manner, that it propels them towards suicidal thoughts.

The Shell We Live In

  • Fearful people tend to be shaped and molded as timid and weak, due to their personal interactions, either by their critical parents, bullying peers or dominating bosses.
  • We get caged in life, as we try to please our loved ones who worry about us with the tendency to protect
  • These loved ones are our parents, friends, peers, lovers, neighbours and leaders who worry about us being more protective of our own well-being.
  • These worriers that surround us often enflame our fear and steal our motivation to fulfill our dreams.
  • Hence, fear is like a kind of emotional blackmail that works as a mental barrier for our progress.

Unseal The Envelope

  • To enjoy lite to its fullest, we have to conquer fear by being obsessed about personal freedom; don’t let it get governed by predictable thought patterns.
  • If everything in life happens in a predicted way, It cannot be called life. Besides, nobody can predict about life, irrespective of their position or wealth.
  • The first step towards a new path definitely sends a chill down the spine, but with courage and practice anybody can overcome this feeling.
  • While taking that first step, don’t get discouraged with the expectation of a negative outcome. Just move forward with a positive outlook – saying to yourself, that you are going to consider the outcome as an experience, whether it is positive or neg all ve.
  • Once you start taking decision after decision and realize your potential, it will become easier to take bigger decisions without hesitation. It is like becoming an orator with practice.
  • Standing in front of a big crowd for the first time to give a public speech, is definitely daunting, but with time and practice you become comfortable, But don’t ever give up the task. Quitting is not a solution!
  • Take a bold step in attempting the task that looks difficult. Don’t let fear reign over your capabilities.
  • To conquer fear, you have to build mental fortitude. Courage, continuous practice and perseverance play a vital role in building your mental strength.
  • Once you make a decision to accomplish your dream or goal, you have to make a choice not to let fear overcome your ambition towards that goal.
  • Be true to yourself and stick to the path that you have selected, no matter what kind of hardships you come across.
  • Be selective in choosing the advice of right people and be shrewd in curtailing the people who nurture your fear.
  • When freedom and fear have the same power in making or breaking your lite, is ¡t wiser to select freedom that will fortify your mind and will instil in you, a broader outlook towards life.

If everything in life happens in a predicted way, it cannot be called life. Besides, nobody can predict about life, irrespective of their position or wealth

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