LKG Rhymes


Now-a-days, activities are given higher priority than the theoretical study in the schools especially for the small kids in order to give them proper space and opportunity to develop their mind. Theoretical study gives burden to the kids mind whereas various types of activities help in opening their mind as well as enhancing their skill level.

Rhymes recitation is one of the most common activities held in the schools to make kids actively involved in the study.

We have provided here variety of unique and simple rhymes for your LKG class kids. You can select any one rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

You can prepare your school going kids for the rhyme recitation programme in their school.

We have provided variety of rhymes over kid’s relationships (such as mother, father, grandparents, Nana, Nani, etc), birds, vehicles, animals, shapes, birthday, insects, festival, fruits, colors, toys, ice-cream, counting, alphabets, etc to help sweet kids and their dear moms.

Birthday Rhymes

You are my best friend,

I never become your fiend,

I know it’s your birthday today,

So I bought a gift yesterday.


You are so special every day,

How I can forget your birthday,

I really have a unique surprise,

Because I have a pleasant prize.


Mamma cleans home every day,

But she decorates it on my birthday,

Papa gives me teddy bear,

But mamma gives me love bear.


Dada, dadi, nana, nani,

Aunt, uncle, and my cousins,

Everyone come on my birthday,

And make it more special day.

Nana-Nani Rhymes

My nani lovely nani,

She wears saree of silk,

But never forget to take milk,

And never goes sick.


My nani came yesterday,

She goes to walk every day,

She knows I like toys,

But never knows I don’t like boys.


I like watermelon,

My nani likes muskmelon,

We both eat together,

In the nice weather.


My nani is very hot,

She likes clay pot,

She sleeps on the cot,

And try to be on the spot.

Butterfly Rhymes

Butterfly butterfly,

I love this colourful fly,

But I hate dirty housefly,


Butterfly butterfly,

I want to fly,

So high in the sky,

To get away from this sty.


Oh my little sweety,

Who named you butterfly,

How you can fly,

So high in the sky.

Christmas Rhymes

Santa Santa Oh Santa,

First you come to me,

I have big Christmas tree,

Do you agree to me.


Christmas falls on 25th of December,

But my birthday on 26th of December,

Santa gives me surprise,

But parents give me bumper prize.

Fruits Rhymes

Fruits are very nice,

They make us really wise,

We should eat fruit always,

And almost every day.


Fruits are really great,

When eaten fresh,

Do magic for health.


Blackberry, Blueberry,

But I like red cherry,

Kids need to carry,

In their lunch daily.

Colours Rhymes

Yellow day and black night,

Both look me very right,

In the hot sun light,

And cool moon light.


My shirt is red,

But my trouser is fed,

My face is pink,

And I like cold drink.


Pink color is very sweet,

My friends never cheat,

Junk food never eat,

But competitions always beat.

Teddy Bear Rhymes

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Yellow, pink, red and blue,

You all have a nice heart,

But never want to play in dirt.


Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You are my lovely bear,

Everyone call you love bear,

Let me know do you hear.


Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Do you have a stop gear,

Let me know oh my dear,

I just want to hear.

Clap your Hands Rhymes

I have called you to sing a song,

Here you can get Chinese food pong,

Clap your hands and dance for long,

By singing a happy birthday song.

Jump up high and clap your hands,

Stamp your feet on the music of band,

Come on friends blow up balloons,

And make a dance on aflatoon.

Two little hands to clap, clap, clap

Two little feet to tap, tap, tap

One little mouth to drink, drink, drink

Healthy and sweet milk, milk, milk.

Ice Cream Rhymes

Come my teddy,

Come to me,

I have ice cream,

I know you never scream.


My dear little rabbit,

You look very white,

Come to me here right,

And have an ice cream bite.


Oh copy cat parrot,

Why you like carrot,

I like ice cream,

But why get scream.

Train Rhymes

Train is always there for us,

It is better than a bus,

It keeps us away from rush,

And never goes fuss.


Train runs day and night,

Without caring track light,

Sometimes it gets fight,

By the mistake very slight.


Train has a big body,

And it waits nobody,

However carry everybody,

But sometimes left somebody.

Bus Rhymes

I saw school bus,

In the very rush,

It was full of school kid,

But stand in the mid.


I daily go to school,

With the bus,

By having mood cool,

In the rush.

Number Rhymes

Start counting one, two,

Sky looks navy blue,

I get a nice clue,

Swallow food after well chew.


I count first, second, third,

Then mamma gives me curd,

I saw a little bird,

But she was very blurred.


One two three, four, five,

Let me again drive,

And go away from beehive,

I would try to strive.

Animal Rhymes

There are few birds on the tree,

Some are blue, some are black,

Some are white, some are grey,

I know they can fly far away.


There are some birds on the tree,

They are in number three,

They are making nice nest,

To live and take some rest.


Cow gives us milk

But silkworm gives us silk,

Milk makes us healthy,

But silk makes us wealthy.

Lion Rhymes

Lion runs very fast,

He is animal of high class,

He is very powerful cast,

And never make to anyone gas.


Lion runs all through the forest,

Without making a while rest,

He is really most powerful,

And keeps everyone very fearful.

Dog Rhymes

My dog is very funny,

He has no tummy,

He is my lovely buddy,

But do not eat honey.


My doggy has fluffy hair,

I give him a lot of care,

He sits on a small chair,

But on time show very dare.

Shapes Rhymes

I am bathing soap,

I have square shape,

People use me to clean body,

Kids read me in their study.


I am a square shape,

I look like lunch box,

I am used in many walks,

To make box or blocks.

Duck Rhymes

My dear mom I want duck,

As I like her so much,

I want to make her my pet,

Please don’t deny I’ll get upset.


My grandma is very old,

But she is really like gold,

She tells me stories of duck,

And makes me really feel good luck.

Mother Goose Rhymes

I like watermelon,

More than muskmelon,

It keeps me really cool,

And my heat beating tool.


I eat beans,

I wear jeans,

I play with keen,

And like to live like queen.


Elephant Rhymes

Elephant is very strong,

He can walk for long,

He lives in the forest,

Having her trunk tallest.


Elephants have big eyes,

They are animals of huge size,

They are also very wide,

And don’t need anyone’s guide.


ABCD Rhymes

A B C, A B C,

Come on look at me,

I have nice honey bee,

Do you all want to see,

Let me know when you agree.


A B C, A B C D,

Come on give me CD,

And all the DVD,

So that we can do some dance,

As we have nice chance.


Aeroplane Rhymes

A for air, A for aeroplane,

Aeroplane fly in the air,

A for aim, A for aeroplane,

Sitting in the aeroplane is my aim.


A for aeroplane, B for bird,

Both fly so high in the sky,

It seems both are nice guy,

But soon they go away from my eye.

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