My Best Friend Essay for Class 1

Best friend is the name given to that or those individuals with whom we can share everything, and they too are our well-wishers. Not everyone is fortunate enough to form a bond as strong as that of best friends. A best friend accepts you without any judgment, and they always encourage you.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My Best Friend’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Best Friend Of 100 Words 

I met my best friend on the first day of kindergarten. I was shy and hesitated to talk to others, but then she approached me. She invited me to play with her, and that made me very happy. After that, we became close and are rarely seen apart.

She sticks by my side, rejoices my wins as her own, supports me, and I try to do the same. I truly cherish her and am grateful for her presence in my life. As we are growing up, our bond only strengthens more each day.

I am blessed to have such a sincere and sweet best friend.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Best Friend Of 150 Words

My best friend and I probably knew each other from our mothers’ womb, and I guess this friendship runs in the family. You see, it might sound strange, but our mothers were also best friends as they lived near.

I have practically grown up with my best friend. We play together, share similar interests, help each other and rarely fight. My best friend is very talented and can draw very well, and always encourage him to practice.

I like playing football, and my best friend helps me practice, and we have fun. Since we live in the same neighborhood, sometimes I stay over at his place, and sometimes my best friend stays over at mine.

We share our food in the recess, help to do homework, and stick together. I sincerely pray to God that may my best friend forever stay by my side, and I remain forever by his.

10 Lines on My Best Friend In English

  1. One can have many friends, but a best friend is exceptional.
  2. Often best friends become a part of your family.
  3. I think of my best friend very highly and look up to her/him.
  4. A best friend is like a true blessing of the Almighty.
  5. I cherish my best friend’s fine qualities for she/he is caring, honest, kind, loyal, and open-minded.
  6. My best friend and I like spending time together.
  7. I pray for that may our friendship never break.
  8. A best friend can be of a person of any age, size, colour and ethnicity.
  9. Best friends should not have to lie and share genuine affections towards each other.
  10. Best friends can have a similar interest or even have different contrasting personalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is considered a true best friend?

Answer: A real best friend is someone loyal, respectful, and sincere to us. They will always be ready to help you, make sacrifices for you and best friends love each other from the core of their heart.

Question: What should a best friend essay consist?

Answer: A best friend essay should express authentic and straightforward emotions one has for their best friend. It should be the composition of feelings of true love and respect towards your best friend. If one doesn’t have a notion of what having a best friend is like, they should write about how they imagine a best friend or genuine companion to be like.

Question: Is it great having a best friend?

Answer: Yes, of course. Having a best friend is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to anyone, and such blessings make one feel grateful.

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