My Best Friend Essay for Class 2

In our lifetime, we play and interact with a lot of people, but only a few become our true friends. Everyone has a friend who they can rely on, someone who shares their joys and sorrows. In this selfish world, a best friend is a gift from God. If you have one, you are the luckiest.

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Short Essay on My Best Friend Of 100 Words

My friendship with my best friend began when we were quite young. She lives next door. Her father and my father are also close friends, so our friendship is an inherited one. We have been friends ever since we started playing in the streets. We even quarrelled multiple times, but that in no way lessened our friendship.

My best friend and I both go to the same school, so we meet each other very often. She loves reading books, and sometimes she reads them out to me. I listen carefully. I am very thankful that I have such a supportive best friend like her in my life. She is like a family to me.

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Long Essay on My Best Friend Of 150 Words

I first met my best friend on the first day of my Kindergarten. I noticed her because she is the tallest girl in the entire class. Our friendship began after we were paired together in a game, and ever since then, we were inseparable.

Going to school has become easier and more exciting because of my best friend. She is very good at drawing and also gifted me a framed painting that she drew for me on my birthday. We play badminton every day together in our school’s playground even though she is not very good at it.

My best friend means a lot to me. We share our happiness, secrets, and even sadness with each other. Whenever I face difficulties, she tries her best to solve them. I consider myself very lucky that I have a best friend like her. She is a great source of strength and inspiration to me.

10 Lines on My Best Friend In English

  1. A best friend fills your life with joy and supports you through difficult and tough times.
  2. We should cherish this friendship because not everyone is fortunate enough to form a bond as strong as that of best friends.
  3. My best friend inspires me to be kind, forgiving, and gentle towards one and all.
  4. If you have a best friend, you are the luckiest.
  5. I respect my best friend a lot because she treats everyone equally.
  6. My best friend and I live in the same locality and spend hours playing hide and seek.
  7. Small differences among best friends never weaken the bond.
  8. My best friend’s parents treat me like their own child.
  9. I sincerely pray to God that my best friend stays by my side forever.
  10. A best friend is one who accepts you without any judgment and always encourages you.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Friend

Question: Why is it important to have a best friend? 

Answer: Everyone needs to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom we can share everything. In other words, it can get tough to share things with our parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we will never hesitate. Moreover, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Question: What are the qualities of a best friend? 

Answer: Best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another.

Question: Who can we call our best friend? 

Answer: A best friend is one who supports you in every step of the way. They fill our lives with joy and eventually become an important part of our lives. Therefore, anyone with whom you can share your deepest secrets is your best friend.

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