My Birthday Party Essay for Class 2 Kids

We celebrate our birthday every year on the day we were born. My birthday is a very special day for my family and me. Every year on my birthday we have a party at our house. We call our friends and relatives and enjoy the day together. I love this day.

We are providing two essay samples for class 2 on the topic ‘My Birthday Party’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Birthday Party of 100 Words

My birthday is celebrated on 14th May every year. I wait for this day eagerly. I turned seven years old this year. We called my friends and relatives to our house for the party. My parents and my brother decorated the house with balloons.

I was happy when my friends arrived and wished me on my birthday. My relatives brought gifts. I cut a big chocolate cake with my family while everyone sang the birthday song for me. I played with my friends for some time, and then all of us had our food together. It was a lovely day.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Birthday Party of 150 Words

This year on 14th May, I turned seven years old. My family had arranged a birthday party at our house. My friends and relatives had come. A new member had joined our family that day, which is my cat, Mimi. I was happy to hold her in my arms.

I cut the birthday cake with my parents. Everyone had wished me for my birthday and handed me lots of gifts. My father clicked pictures while I played around with my friends. My mother had made a delicious meal for all. I had my food with everyone.

I was a little sad when others left the party. But I was happy to spend the day with everyone and had lots of fun. I thanked my parents for the party. With beautiful memories, I drifted off to sleep while playing with Mimi. It was a great day, and I will always remember it.

10 Lines on My Birthday Party in English

  1. Every year, I celebrate my birthday on 14th May.
  2. My family arranges for a birthday party on this day to make me feel special and loved.
  3. We invite my friends and our relatives to the party.
  4. My father and brother decorate the house with balloons and confetti.
  5. We order a big and beautiful birthday cake from the cake shop.
  6. My mother cooks a delicious meal for everyone on this day. I love the food she makes for us.
  7. Everyone wishes me on my birthday and brings gifts for me at the party.
  8. When I cut the cake, everyone sings the birthday song for me.
  9. I like to spend time with everyone at my birthday party. It makes me very happy.
  10. I am thankful to my parents for arranging birthday parties for me every year. It is always an amazing day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Birthday Party

Question: Why do people have birthday parties?

Answer: People have birthday parties to celebrate the day they were born. It makes one feel special. On birthdays we like to spend time with everyone close to our heart and share happiness. A birthday party makes our birthday unique and enjoyable.

Question: What happens at a birthday party?

Answer: At a birthday party, we call our close people to our house and spend time with them. We cut a birthday cake while the birthday song is sung. We have food and do lots of other activities. We receive gifts and a lot of love from our family and friends on this day.

Question: What can be done to make a birthday party special?

Answer: Sharing food and some clothes with less privileged people or adopting animals are acts of kindness. By helping others, we can share love and happiness on our birthday.

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