My Classroom Essay for Class 3

A classroom is a place where students learn together from a teacher. It is a special place, and we remember the place throughout our life. My classroom is like my home. I go to my classroom every day and make new memories. I love to spend time in my classroom.

We are providing two essay samples for class 3 on the topic ‘My Classroom’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Classroom of 100 Words

My classroom is full of happy memories. My classroom is a very comfortable place to study and play. Our classroom is unique and special to us.

My classroom has several desks and chairs for students and one big desk and chair for the teacher. We have a blackboard and a soft board. The students have decorated the classroom with their handwork. The classroom has four lights and fans to keep it bright and airy. We also have plants in our classroom.

The students help in cleaning the classroom. Our classroom is like our second home, so we love to take care of it ourselves.

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Long Essay on My Classroom of 150 Words

My classroom is present on the first floor of the school building. I love my classroom because it is windy and comfortable. The view outside our classroom is of trees and the sky. The students help to keep the classroom clean.

My classroom at school is big and spacious. We have six windows in our classroom, and I love sitting near the window. We have soft boards with lots of charts and other craftworks. A nature corner is present in our classroom. There are several plants in the nature corner. A huge blackboard is present behind the teacher’s desk. We have four rows of desks and chairs for the students.

I have a lot of good memories in my classroom with my friends and teachers. I like to study and play in my classroom. I am going to miss my classroom next year. It is a place of comfort for me.

10 Lines on My Classroom in English

  1. A classroom is like a second home for all students, and they find comfort there.
  2. My classroom is well ventilated and big. We also have sufficient lights and fans.
  3. A classroom has lots of desks and chairs for the students to study together.
  4. My classroom has a big blackboard for the teacher to use while teaching us.
  5. The students decorate their classroom with their crafts and charts to make it unique and beautiful.
  6. My classroom also has greenery in it because we have a nature corner in it.
  7. A classroom is a place where the students make a lot of precious memories with friends and teachers.
  8. Students should keep their classrooms clean.
  9. Sometimes, my classroom becomes very noisy, but it’s mostly a peaceful place.
  10. My classroom has won prizes for the cleanest classroom, and we are very proud of our classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Class Room Essay

Question: How do classrooms become memorable?

Answer: The memories that we make in our classroom are the most important thing for us. We will miss everything in our classroom later in life. But we will miss the days spent in our classroom the most. We should be thankful for our classrooms, and the days we get to spend in it.

Question: What are the essential things in the classroom?

Answer: The essential things in a classroom include a blackboard, desk and chairs, windows, lights, fans, and books. The classroom is incomplete without the teacher and students. All these things are essential and make a classroom complete.

Question: What should ‘My Classroom’ essay consist of?

Answer: ‘My Classroom’ essay should consist of a description of our classroom. It should explain why our classrooms are meaningful and memorable for us. We should be able to express how our classroom is unique from other classrooms.

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