My Dream Essay for Class 3

There is no single person in this world who probably doesn’t have an ambition or dream that they want to fulfill in their span of life. This dream acts as a drive for most people by inspiring and encouraging them to do better every time and move towards the goal.

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Short Essay on My Dream of 100 Words

Like every other kid in class, I, too, have a dream of my own. I dream of becoming a singer. And it is not just any singer for I wish to be a great performer too. I dream of living the life of a celebrity.

My parents are very supportive of my aspirations. They help me to practice songs and are attentive to my needs. They also support me by being a great audience when I perform in front of them in our house.

My parents help me record my practices so that I can look at them later and improve. I will work hard and make my dream of becoming a celebrity come true.

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Long Essay on My Dream of 150 Words

Unlike the other kids of my age, I don’t yet know what I want to become when I grow up. I am not sure what I am good at to make it my profession. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams.

My dream is to make my parents happy and give them a comfortable life when I grow up, just like they try to do for me. I also dream of doing something that would make me a respected person.

My mother is a teacher, and she is very respected by our extended family, coworkers, and students. Even though I am unsure whether I want to become a teacher, I still look up to my mother.

My parents advised me that whichever profession I choose in the future, as long it benefits society and helps people in a good way, I can pursue it. I hope to make my parents proud of me one day.

10 Lines on My Best Dream in English

  1. I dream of becoming a doctor one day and save people’s life.
  2. I wish to become an engineer, just like my parents.
  3. I like drawing, and I dream of becoming a famous painter.
  4. I love dancing and dream of making it my profession in the future.
  5. My dream is to invent things, just like scientists.
  6. I like reading books, and I hope one day I can write books too.
  7. My friends and family are very supportive of my dreams.
  8. I love cars, and I dream of driving my car one day.
  9. I dream of making beautiful dresses when I grow up, just like my mother.
  10. I help my father to cook, and I dream of cooking as good as him one day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Dream

Question: Why are dreams important?

Answer: Dream is an important aspect in most people’s lives for it plays a role while making vital decisions. Even though not every wish can be called dreams, dreams can result from some childhood fascination.

Question: How can one achieve their dream(s)?

Answer: To make your dreams come true, you have to stay motivated and work hard. You have to set smaller goals and accomplish them, leading to making your dream come true.

Question: How does having a dream benefit us?

Answer: Realization of having a dream is the first step taken towards achieving it. A person with true dreams has ambition, and it is their dream or dreams that keep them motivated and act as an energizer. And if one can make their dream come true one day through hard work, then no joy is felt greater than that.

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