My Family Essay for Class 6

Family is who we are. The first teachers a child gets is their family. A kid learns and follows whatever their family teaches them. There are joint families and nuclear families. In nuclear families, the kid lives with only the mother and father. In joint families, grandparents, uncles, and aunts also live with the kid. I live in a family that is nuclear.

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A Short Essay On ‘My Family’ Of 100 Words

All families are essential, but not everyone is lucky to have a family. I am very lucky for getting a good family.

I live in a nuclear family with mom, dad, and my dog. When I was small, I had to go live with my grandparents when both of them were working together, but now I can live alone.

My family loves each other a lot. We have at least one meal of a day together as a tradition. Sometimes we also play Ludo or carom together. I like nuclear families better than joint families because then I get a little peace.

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A Long Essay On ‘My Family’ Of 150 Words

Family members are the first teachers. All children copy and learn the behaviour of their families. Some families are very big, which are called joint families, and some families are small, which are called nuclear families.

I live with my mother, father, and dog, which is a nuclear family. I feel nuclear families are better because I do not have to fight with anyone to watch television.

My dog is completely a part of my family. My family loves each other a lot. If everyone is busy, we try to eat one meal of the day together. During weekends we play carom or Ludo. We even watch movies together.

Sometimes we go to my grandparents’ house, but there are so many people there that I get very tired. I love staying with just my mum, dad, and dog.

My family has helped me be a good person. Yes, they scold me sometimes, but I know that they do that for my own good. I love them very much.

10 Lines On My Family In English

  1. Family is the first teacher of any child.
  2. Children copy and pick up the behaviour of their family members.
  3. There are two types of family, i.e., joint and nuclear.
  4. Joint family is when parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts all live together.
  5. A nuclear family is when the parents live alone with the kid.
  6. I live in a nuclear family.
  7. My family loves each other a lot.
  8. It is our tradition to eat at least one meal together.
  9. On weekends, we play board games or watch movies to spend quality family time.
  10. Giving importance to one’s family is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Family Essay

Question: What types of families are there?

Answer: There are nuclear families and joint families. Nuclear families are those where only parents and kids live, but joint family is where the grandparents, uncles, and aunts also live.

Question: How many people do you have in your family?

Answer: I have three people in my family, my mum, dad, and myself. My dog is also part of my family, so I can say that we are four members in our family. We love and support each other a lot.

Question: Why is family important?

Answer: Family is important because they are the first teachers of a child. The child learns behaviour, habits, and about the world from their family. A child is the reflection of the family they grew up in, but not everyone is lucky to have a family.

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