My Father Essay for Class 1

My father is a great man, and I love him very much. He provides me all my daily necessities. He is very hardworking and kind. He earns for the family. My father gets me whatever I want and desire. There are many things about my father which I like and adore. My father is my hero.

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Essay 1: Short Essay on ‘my father’ of 100 words

Father is God for every child. He provides education and value in the lives of children. They work hard and fulfill the needs of their family. A father’s contribution to the growth of a child is immense as they shape the future through advice and by teaching values.

My father always keeps me happy and makes every effort to provide me what I want. He knows what I need even if I don’t tell him. He helps me with my school homework and projects.

My father is my inspiration, and I want to grow up with the values and advice which he taught me to be a good human.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on ‘my father’ of 150 words

Whenever I look at my father, I feel that I will never be alone in this world as he is always there to support me. I learn many things from my father.

My father says that working hard is important to be successful in life. He has never let me down, and I would not let him down ever in my life. Father is a form of God, and I respect him a lot.

My father is the decision-maker of our family as he knows what is right and what is wrong. He also loves me a lot. We go out to the market on weekends and also go on vacations twice a year.

My father is a good man and has many friends. He is also respected in our residential area. People know me by the name of my father wherever I go. My father is like a shield that protects me from every problem and helps me become a better person every day.

10 lines on ‘my father’ in English

  1. My father is my hero as he protects me from all the problems.
  2. May it be my favorite food or my favorite drink, my father knows what I like.
  3. My father works hard to support our family.
  4. Every time I need something, my father gets it for me whenever I ask him.
  5. People in our locality respect my father a lot and ask for help whenever they are facing any problem.
  6. My father is my role model, and I want to follow the path that he shows me.
  7. I will never hurt my father with my actions and will always respect him for raising me.
  8. My father is very fond of me and never lets me cry for any reason.
  9. The money that my father earns is spent on upbringing me, and he never lets me feel that I don’t have something desire.
  10. My father gives me life lessons and teaches me values that will help me be successful in the future.

Frequently asked questions on My Father

Question 1: What roles does your father have?

Answer: My father earns money for the family and supports us in all fields. He is the backbone of our family and always protects us from all evil.

Question 2: How does your father look?

Answer: My father is a tall man with a thick moustache, and he is very handsome. He looks really good in a black shirt and blue jeans. 

Question 3: What is your father’s favorite sport?

Answer: My father loves to watch and play cricket. I had heard that my father used to play cricket when he was young.

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