My Father Essay For Class 3

Every family needs a strong grip behind them. For my family, it is my father. A father is an irreplaceable member of anyone’s family. A father is a person who takes care of all the needs of his wife and children. He is known to make many sacrifices for his family.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘My Father’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Father of 100 Words

My father’s name is Amal Ray. I love my father very much. To me, he is the best father in the world. My father is a very hardworking person. He maintains discipline in the family. 

My father is a businessman. Previously he was a teacher in a higher secondary school. Now he handles our family business of medicine. He wakes up first in the morning. Every morning, my father reads the newspaper.

My father loves my sister and me very much. He buys us beautiful gifts on our birthdays. On my last birthday, he gifted me a remote-controlled car. I enjoy his company very much.

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Long Essay on My Father of 150 Words

My father is a great father to my sister and me. He always motivates us to do well in school. He is my best friend. In the morning, he exercises to stay fit and healthy. My father is a family man who spends time with his family.

My father is very kind and helps people. He guides me in my difficult times. He helps me in my studies, tells me stories. Sometimes when he is free, he plays with me. He taught me always to work hard.

My father drops my sister and me at our school every day. My father does not get angry at all. My father can sing very well. He used to sing me to sleep in my childhood. My father provides all the necessary things for our family.

My father encourages my sister and me to eat healthy food. According to him, healthy food builds a healthy body. I want to be like him in the future, and he is my role model.

10 Lines on My Father in English

  1. My father respects the elders of our family.
  2. My father maintains a healthy relationship with our relatives.
  3. In his free time, my father spends time with our family.
  4. My father is a respectable person in society.
  5. My father loves humanity and serves to protect the community.
  6. My father is very ethical and protective of our family.
  7. My father always puts other’s needs before his own.
  8. I always pray for my father’s good health.
  9. My father brings tasty and healthy snacks while returning home from work.
  10. I want to become successful and fulfill my father’s dream in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Father

Question: How should a father raise his child?

Answer:  A father should teach his child the value of discipline and friendship. A father should spend time with his family. He can play with his son or daughter, or he can take them to visit somewhere. He should teach them about humanity and love. Overall a good father always teaches his child to be good to others.

Question: How should a child celebrate “Father’s Day”?

Answer: Father’s Day is celebrated on 20th June in India. This day is celebrated to honour the sacrifices of our fathers. A father works very hard for his family. On this day, a child should make his father feel special. We can cook his favourite dish and tell him to relax on this day.

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