My Favourite Book Essay for Class 6

Books are what feed the human mind with great knowledge. Reading is one of the most beneficial skills that one can pick up. Books are also said to be our best friends because they keep us entertained and give us company at times when no one else would. One can always rely on books for stimulation of the mind to imagine and create.

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Short Essay on My Favourite Book of 100 Words In English

Reading good books will mould one’s mind and show them the right direction. The right books will guide a person with information and philosophies. I am very enthusiastic about reading books and like to explore many genres. However, it is very hard for me to choose one book to be my favourite.

My favourite book series is Harry Potter, which is written by an eminent author of this era, J.K Rowling. The books of the Harry Potter series are extraordinarily magical and kept me up all night reading for it is very interesting. I suggested my friends read Harry Potter and they liked it too.

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Long Essay on My Favourite Book of 150 Words in English

I love reading books. I probably grew the habit of reading at a very young age. I think so because I cannot remember the name of my first read book. I spend most of my free time reading books. Even though fiction is my favourite genre, but I like reading some other genres of the book as well, like fantasy and horror.

I have a few books that I love reading often. My favourite book is ‘Little Women’ written by an American author named Louisa May Alcott in 1968. The story of Little Women revolves around the lives of the four March sisters. Through the story, we get to witness their transition from childhood to womanhood.

This novel is said to perfectly express the situations of the era that the story was set in through the elegant writing style of the author. To me, Little Women is and always will be a very inspirational and powerful book.

10 Lines on My Favourite Book of 100 Words in English

  1. I like reading short stories, and my favourite book is the Collection of Short Stories by O.Henry.
  2. Reading books can help giving people hope.
  3. We learn from books that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.
  4. There are several movies that are made adapted from books.
  5. I feel that one can get the true essence of a story only from a book.
  6. A book contains extensive details and inclusive insights that barely any other source can provide.
  7. An author can be a great storyteller that can unravel a mystery using just a few words.
  8. One will find books in almost every language known to humans.
  9. I like reading books written in my native tongue.
  10. My favourite book has also influenced my character and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Book Essay

Question: Name some of the most popular classic books that a middle school student should read. 

Answer: Some books that middle school students should read are-

  • Oliver Twist
  • Heidi
  • The Secret Garden
  • David Copperfield
  • Pride And Prejudice
  • The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia
  • Macbeth
  • The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  • The Jungle Book
  • Murder On The Orient Express

Question: Name some sub-genres of fiction books. 

Answer: Fantasy, crime, science fiction, western, historical fiction, horror, and inspirational.

Question: Which is the most sold book of all time?

Answer: The Bible.

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