My Favourite Flower Essay for Class 1

There are many species of flower in the world. According to the study, the count is almost 400,000. Many of them have different colours and smells. They are different too. Flowers are used in various cultural festivals. Many people have flower plants in their house, normally in an open space.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My favourite flower’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Favourite Flower

We see various types of flowers around us every day. Rose is my favourite flower. It is found in many colours like red, yellow, pink, white, etc. Red rose is the most famous and I too like it. I like the soft petals of the rose. The smell of this flower attracts me very much. Rose is called the king of flowers.

Rose can be given as a present to someone. Rose is also used to decorate weddings, birthdays, and parties. Rose is famous for its colour and smell all around the world. I have a rose plant in my house.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Favourite Flower

All my friends have their favourite flowers. My favourite is the beautiful flower, the rose. I gift this flower on a teacher’s day to my teachers. Rose is used in making rose-water and perfume. It has round and green coloured leaves. It is a shrub. Sometimes my mother decorates her hair with roses for weddings. Every year, 12th February is celebrated as rose day.

Rose has many useful properties. It is used to create flavours for adding on food. It has small thorns. My best friend also likes the rose very much. I like the smell of rose perfumes. It attracts me very much. When the rose blooms, it looks very beautiful. It is also called a woody plant. Rose is used in garlands. The Red rose is a symbol of love. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and caring. Rose is found in all parts of India.

10 Lines on My Favourite Flower In English

  1. I like many flowers, but among them, my favourite flower is the rose.
  2. Rose is a very famous flower, and it is available in every part of the world.
  3. The best time for planting rose is during the spring, September, or October in India
  4. The word rose is taken from the Latin word “Rosa”.
  5. Our garden is full of rose plants in spring.
  6. Rose petals are used to make many rose-products.
  7. Nature has made this flower beautiful but very pleasant also.
  8. We offer rose to pay respect to the gods in temples.
  9. I am attracted most to the red rose than other roses.
  10. Rose can be given as a gift to someone you love and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Flower

Question: What is your favourite flower, and why?

Answer: My favourite flower is the rose. There are many different types of flowers in the market, but I like the rose among all the flowers. I like the rose because it has a very attractive colour and soft petals and it smells very good. Rose has many medical uses also. People use it on special occasions. That is why the rose is my favourite flower.

Question: What does your favourite flower tell about you?

Answer: As the rose is my favourite flower, it tells many things about me. Different colours of rose symbolize different things. Red rose stands for love and compassion, where white rose stands for purity, and pink rose stands for joy and happiness. I love my friends and family and give them happiness. So the red rose and pink rose are similar to me.

Question: What are the uses of the rose?

Answer: Rose is mainly used in many decorations, but it also has other useful uses.

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