My Favourite Season Essay for Class 3

Everyone has a different opinion on which season they find the best and the reasons behind it. Almost everywhere around the world, there are four seasons which are considered major, and they are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In India however, there are six seasons (four of the same as mentioned before and two more which are monsoon and the prevernal season).

We are providing students of class 3 with sample essays on ‘My Favourite Season’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on My Favourite Season Essay of 100 Words

In India, the climate, in general, is very hot and the only relief we get from the heat is when the winter season arrives. Unlike we see in the movies or hilly regions, not everywhere, the winter is snow-covered. But in the winter climate is perfect for playing outdoors.

Another best aspect of the winter season is that it brings in many festivities. It is the season of light and joy. The winter arrives by the time of Diwali in India and festivals like Christmas and New Year celebrations also fall under this season. Winter is the season of blankets, hot cocoa and family time.

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Long Essay on My Favourite Season Essay of 150 Words

Summer is the hottest season, and almost every school closes down for a comparatively long break. I enjoy the long school holiday we get during summer because then we are rid of all exams and get a time for resting and engaging in our hobbies.

Summer is also the season when a lot of tasty fruits grow like mango, grapes, and pears, etc. I love eating ice-cream, and it is during summers that I can eat and drink a lot of icy treats.

Most families plan on travelling during the summer break. My friend has planned on going to their grandparent’s house this summer. My parents too, have planned to visit the mountainous regions for the summer of this year.

Summer evenings are longer, and around 4-5 PM kids go out to the grounds for playing games like cricket, football, hide and seek, etc. Some kids also try to catch wild Beatles and butterflies. I cannot wait for the summer season to come.

10 Lines On My Favourite Season In English

  1. Spring is one of my favourite seasons of the year.
  2. Spring is a time when a lot of flowers bloom and the trees start growing back their leaves.
  3. During spring the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, and it is perfect for any activity.
  4. My friend and I sell lemonade in front of our house during the summers.
  5. Monsoon is a season that doesn’t occur throughout the world.
  6. During the rainy season, I like making paper boats and jumping into puddles.
  7. Autumn is a very pleasant season.
  8. Orange, yellow and red is some shades which are dominant during the autumn season.
  9. Autumn is the season of Halloween and pumpkin pie.
  10. I like making snow angels and snowman during the snow-covered winters.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Season

Question: What are some activities a child can do during summers?

Answer: Children can practise their hobbies during summers like painting, dancing, roller-skating, skateboarding, etc. Also, some activities which are best for doing in summer are swimming, camping and hiking.

Question: In which activities can children engage in winters?

Answer: Where the winters are snow-covered, children can play in the snow by making snowmen, snowboarding, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, skiing etc. Some children prefer staying indoors and reading books, watching movies, baking and drinking a lot of hot beverages.

Question: How long is each season for in India?

Answer: Each season in India is almost for two months.

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